Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fond Florida Memories...

Maternity leave has come and gone....I've been back to work for over a month now...yikes...where does the time go!  The transition has gone smoother than I would have guessed - but I'm still missing my kiddos like crazy and envious of other places that give mommies far more time with their babies.  My leave was jam packed with quality time and adventures - and I loved it.  Very thankful that the final week of leave was spent in the Sunshine State - and we survived traveling with 3 children and would even dare to do it again!

Our happy place for the week!  Deerfield Beach, FL
Helping to pack up!
 Upong arriving in Florida, we were greeted to Rental Car was a 2 hour wait - loong after the kiddos bedtimes - but we survived it and made the most of it.

Beach days!

How I love Florida - torrential downpours that hit as soon as you pull into Publix!
Daddy and Bryce watching the storm roll thru.

Breakfast in paradise (despite the fact we accidentally bought chicory instead of coffee....oye!)


Proud smiles upon learning to swim!!!  Shed a few tears over this milestone!

Canada Day!
Brooke sporting Brianne's old!

Tired out!
Sibling love in the morning....LOVE!

 Lion Country Safari!!!!

This was a fun adventure...but also insanely hot outside.  Glad we didn't let the heat stop us from having a memorable day!

Love that Bryce gave his favorite blankie and stuffed animal to his baby sis - so sweet.
Where's's too quiet in here................

 July 4th!

Beach life is exhausting!

This is the best shot I got of the trio together.....perhaps one day we'll manage a proper photo shoot!  :)

Our little vacation spot happened to be right next to the firework show....perfect ending to a fabulous vacation!