Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Bells in Florida

My college roommate tied the knot  - so we were thrilled to head to Florida to celebrate her big day!  Love you Allie - and you were such a beautiful bride!!!!  Wishing you and Jimmy all the happiness!!!


Traveling to Florida

Traveling with 2 little kiddos is no small task - but I'm happy to report that we did quite well!

When we boarded the plane the pilot saw the two little ones and wanted to know what their names were - and how to spell I knew he was up to something - but i had no idea each kid would get a personalized Junior Aviator Logbook from the flight crew!

Florida - I miss you!

 My parents were in town for the wedding it was great to see them and to see the kids enjoy some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Wedding Festivities


 Rehearsal Dinner

B was happy with the cake!
Bryce was happy to play with Grandma and Grandpa!


Daddy getting ready - while Bryce watches
 A HUGE thank you to my sister who drove down to spend the night and watched the kiddos so we could enjoy the festivities a bit more freely! 

Cutest little table seating set-up EVER!

Me and the beautiful bride!
 Congrats to the newlyweds!!!  We had so much fun celebrating your big day!  

Cruisin' in the Convertible

Mark was in charge of the rental car....he came back and gave me a little smile and said 'we have an interesting car'.  My first reaction was to be irate since the car only has 2 doors and that hardly seems logical when you have to put two little kids in the back seat...but it's vacation - so who needs to be logical?!?!   It took the kids a little bit to get used to the wind blowing thru their hair - but by the end of the weekend we were cruisin' and enjoying it!

OMG...where is the top to this car?!?!
Hmmmm - not too sure about this....

Sunglasses - Check.  Hair in a pony tail - Check.  Let's Cruise!

Beach ready!

I spy a Dolphin!  It was practically on shore!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Smiles

What Have We Been Up To Lately??

Milk mustaches!

 I thought the black outfit might be a little drab - but the bow brightened it up!
Nightly routines - LOVE them.
Mowing the living room

Hey - where's my Whopper?

B got a nice play food set for her b-day.....the kids enjoy it...
Shocking that her favorites are the icecream and a cookie......that's my girl!

Somebody has perfected his 'CHEESE!'

 Washing the Windows
This kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes

Momma's Lil Helpers

 Splash Pad Attempt #1 - Failure

We headed out early one morning to try out the splash pad...only to find that they don't turn the water on until we had to resort to the playground and then came home and got out the sprinklers!

Climbing practice with daddy
When did my little boy get so big!!
Our very own splash pad
Snacks on the front step

Glow Golfing

Who ever came up with this was a genius - golfing in the dark.  I don't golf - but I enjoyed cruising around on a golf cart illuminated by glow sticks and watching the guys try out their night golf skills.  Not your typical Friday night - but a fun one!

Practically Picasso....

Thanks to a fantastic Groupon deal, I visited Texas You Can Paint to see if it was really true that no artistic talent was required.  I must say I impressed myself...and they do a fantastic job of walking you through the entire process from a blank canvas to your very own masterpiece.

Mad skillz.... :)
Very interesting to see how each painting came out unique!

Indoor Safari Park!

We had a blast at a play date at the Indoor Safari Park.  Ball pits and slides and trampolines - Brianne had so much fun that she wouldn't even stop to eat icecream - that's when you know she's having a seriously good time!  Bryce took a little break and enjoyed some Blue Bell with Grandma Suzie.  Definitely think we'll be heading back there this summer - indoor playground with air conditioning - yes please!!!

Kiddos were not into riding the train (given that parents aren't allowed)...but Bryce enjoyed watching it from the side!

Bryce was beyond happy in this little truck - pretty sure he would have stayed there all day!          

Little Girl is working hard to learn how to jump.  :)   This was towards the end of the time when she was getting tired, but she kept at it!

More updates to come - we traveled to Florida last weekend so I need to recap on all that fun!  Stay tuned!