Saturday, March 8, 2014

Growing, growing, growing

They just keep growing!!! 

There are days when I drop them off at school, and by the time I pick them up - they've grown.  Grown taller...and wiser!  They keep surprising me with new skills, new songs, new words - such a treat to see them growing and learning!

 Thank you to Diana Brandenberg Photography for the great school photos of all the KinderFrogs! :)

I've failed to update the blog lately - but I'll use the excuse that I've been busy enjoying all the time with the little ones and trying to soak it all is a snap shot of what we've been up to....lot of parks, baking, arts and crafts, zoo trips, and such.  

Saturday morning fun

The kiddos are LOVING the cat being back!  We are thrilled he's back!

Mommy and Bryce Date to a TCU Basketball game!

Brother ready to catch his sister - LOVE :)

Lil' boy is loving his bike - he cruises around like a champ!

Sesame Street Live!!!  I wasn't sure what the kiddos would think of seeing Elmo and friends dancing on stage - but they loved it!!  Had a blast!

Super Grover and Daddy

 Hey kids - you guys look cute - smile for the camera.  They hear this and take it to mean - make sure you don't keep your eyes open or smile at the camera at the same time....

Sharing snacks at the park