Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time Slipping By...

Falling Behind

I've fallen a bit behind on my updates.  The horrific news from Sandy Hook Elementary has been on my mind, and my heart breaks for everyone involved.   Part of me wants to run off to live in a safe bubble with my kids and hide them away somewhere, away from everything...but that's not a realistic option.   We have to keep going in this crazy world...find the good things....BE the good things....we have to love and laugh and hug and kiss and cherish each day and moment that we have....for we never know what this life will bring. 

A little TCU gnome now greets us at the front door - GO FROGS.

Bryce's school pictures are that little boy - he's crazy cute even when he's unhappy.

Brianne's puzzle skills have emerged.  Just a few months ago we'd sit down to do puzzles and she'd simply throw the pieces.....I had a proud momma moment when she sat down at the puzzle and quite delicately took each piece out and set it aside - then worked diligently to put them back in.  She's a hard worker - and is learning so many new things!

Hubby surprised me last weekend by randomly whipping together a red velvet cake, with a homemade cream cheese frosting that was divine.  YUM!!!

Christmas Photoshoot

We finally made time to take photos of the kids in some Christmas gear....dressed them up and then let them run around the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens....and attempted to capture their smiles.  The kids loved walking around and exploring....stopping for the camera wasn't really on their agenda....but we managed to capture some shots that were keepers.

There was a group of little kids with balloons.  One little boy saw Brianne looking at the balloons and came over.  He offered us his balloon and said "here - i think she'll have more fun with it than I will" - love when little kids show they have big hearts - that little act of kindness sure brightened my day!

After chasing all around the gardens, we enjoyed dinner at Zeke's Fish and Chips - delicious grub for a great price, especially considering we had a Groupon Deal! :)

Other Happenings....

Yep - the box is still taking up space in the living room - and still a favorite toy....
Bryce helped me make muffins.

More Zoo Adventures

The kids were fun with the Touch Tank....they thought it was a splash tank.... :)

Train Table Fun

Couch Potatoes



Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Happenings...

December Snuck Up On Us...

I can't believe that the end of 2012 is here...but hard to deny it when the Christmas lights are twinkling and we are decorating cookies and listening to Jingle Bells...

Girlfriends Christmas Party 

I had a great evening out with the gals.  They know how to throw a party - good friends, chocolate fondue, cookie decorating....

And a white elephant gift exchange - with alcohol - what a fantastic idea!  I was pretty excited to score a bottle of Fluffed Marshmallow vodka - which I've found pairs quite nicely with hot chocolate....

Icecream in December?!

So perhaps it is hard to believe it's the end of the year when we are able to sit outside enjoying icecream...but that's part of the fun of living in Texas.

Daddy shared his sundae with Brianne...
Pretty sure this face means "MORE ICE CREAM PLEASE!"

 Lazy Saturday Mornings

 I love the weekends - being able to wake up and enjoy the kids playing together in their jammies is one of my favorite things.
Saturday morning piano lessons

Saturday morning love...
Saturday morning wrestling...

Growing Up So Fast...

Lots of little reminders lately on how fast the kids are growing up....

Trying out a foot stool instead of sitting him up on the sink to brush his teeth....

Eating like a big girl - she's doing so well at self-feeding these days!
Sitting like a big boy when we were out and about w/out high chairs
Using a big ol' fork like a lil' champ when we were out to dinner
 Little ones grow so very fast - but it's so much fun to watch them master these new skills and grow up.....but getting all the little hugs and snuggles in that I can - and trying to cherish each moment!

DSPTC Christmas Party!

The Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant Country hosted a fabulous Christmas Party!  There was tons of good food, a dj playing tunes so everyone was busting moves out on the dance floor, arts and crafts galore, a photo booth, bounce houses (that Brianne would beeline to every chance she got), and tons of great families there to enjoy it.  And did I forget to mention - SANTA was there.......and the kids had a giant meltdown and were not happy at all about the santa photo-op.......but we managed to get one of those classic photos of kids wailing...

Lil' miss living it up in the bounce house

Photo booth fun
 Other news and happenings....
The box is still in the living room - and one of the favorite toys....
Appears we may need to go sunglass shopping for a certain lil' guy
My mom mailed Christmas cookies to us - they might have gotten a little smooshed in transit - but they still tasted delicious!!  Thanks, mom!!!!!!

Brianne's 'orange' masterpiece

We're still utilizing that zoo membership - have to check in on that baby rhino every now and then. :)

Love my little girl up on her tippy toes....seeing her like this makes me think it's time to find ballet classes for her! :)

Lil' Miss Independent didn't want to sit in her stroller

Sticker fun!
Lil' man cracks me up - devoured the broccoli but wouldn't touch the cheesy potatoes??? Seriously?!

Brianne is still addicted to Baby Signing Times....(and the short shorts are what she came home from school in since she needed to have an outfit change and this was apparently all we had in her cubby....time to restock the back-up clothes!) :)

There are plans in work for a photo shoot with the hopefully we will get some good photos of the little munchkins because lately it seems they are always on the move and photos are always blurry or i'm too slow to get the camera wish us luck on our endeavor to get some good quality pics!

Hoping you all are having a most wonderful December.