Saturday, May 24, 2014

Snapshot of What We've Been Up To!

Photo Dump Time!

Bryce and Daddy caught their first fish together!

A (rainy) day out with Thomas!  Kiddos loved it (although you might not be able to tell that from this picture!)

Car Wash

Lil' lady knows (and loves!) her letters!

Kids in a box!
More kids in a box :)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mommy's Day!

A Magical Mother's Day!

I was treated to a most excellent Mother's Day.  It was a perfect mix of quality time with the family and a little getaway of peace and quiet and pampering (aka: a much needed pedicure and manicure!).

I awoke to enjoy a hot waffle and fresh brewed coffee.   Called my wonderful mom and wished her a very happy Mother's Day.  Sooooo looking forward to her upcoming visit in June.  I love you, Mom!!

  Then we ventured off to ride the Forest Park Miniature Train.
Yes - he has a black eye....he had a little collision with his sister...

And then we made a quick stop to fly a kite.......and the little ones loved chasing it around...and I loved watching how happy and excited they were!

We stopped at the Food Truck Park for lunch - hadn't been there before so it was neat to check it out and enjoy some yummy grub!

Then it was home for naps...and I headed off to enjoy some down time and to have my toe nails painted so I'll be ready for flip flop season!

We opted out of heading to our favorite Mexican restaurant since we didn't want to battle the crowds that were already lined up...but Mark managed to whip up a 'Margarita For Mommy'. :)  Yum!

Grandma Suzie came over and we had a scrumptious dinner of grilled steaks and a salad (made with lots of veggies from our first time trying out Bountiful Baskets co-op!)  And then we played outside on the patio for a while with chalk and bubbles and cars and a bucket of water (aka:  a car wash) - and we played some t-ball.

I'd say it was a perfect day. :)

I just love being a mommy soooo very much.  Yes - it's exhausting.  Yes - it's frustrating at times....yes - it's hard work - but it is also so very rewarding, so much fun, and such a privilege.  

My Mother's Day Gifts - definitely keepers! :)

A few weeks ago Bryce's class at daycare planted these seeds - and Bryce was so excited to see it growing.  We brought it home the other week, and on Mother's Day, daddy and Bryce replanted it in a larger planter - so we'll see if we can keep it growing.  Supposedly it's a sunflower...which happens to be a favorite of mine - so I'm hoping it keeps on growing!! :)