Thursday, May 14, 2015

Loving Life With Three

Things have gone far smoother than I ever would have anticipated...I had been TERRIFIED about being outnumbered by little humans, but thanks to Brooke being a super sweet baby, and B and Bryce being all-star siblings - we are doing surprisingly well.

Of course, sometimes I'm tired and irritable...but I think that's to be expected given the late night feedings and exhaustion that goes with parenting...but for the most part I'm remembering to take deep breaths and savor these moments - because they are flying by.  I find myself snuggling with the little one and it takes a conscious decision to try to shut out the voices that tell me I should be cleaning or organizing or some other item on my to-do list....and I have to remind myself that my #1 job right now is to take care of this little baby girl and to cherish the time with her....(while also trying to keep the house from being overcome with filth and clutter).  Some days are a success...other days are met with a "I have NO IDEA what I did all day" and the kitchen sink is overflowing with grossness and laundry was forgotten and is piling up...but the baby was fed, loved, snuggled...and that is a very successful day, right?!

Here's a glimpse into the fun we've been having:
My soccer stars!  It has been such a great time watching these two play soccer!
Thankful for our wonderful team (although we might not have won any games...) - it's been a great season!

A 'picnic' with their animals...oye!

Learning to use my new Moby wrap - love it!
We are loving the new Shipley's by the house!
O-my heart.  This moment was priceles!

Mother's Day Creations!!!
 Thank you Pinterest - i was quite impressed how well they turned out!!

Member's Preview night at the FW Zoo - a new 'Safari Splash' pad!  Looking forward to returning when it's nice and warm!
Watching this little one snooze...can't get enough of her little face, eyelashes, or hair that is getting some curls!
Pool Time!  Lots of excitement over our new pool!

We had lots of fun with Auntie Alison in town!  Thanks so much for visiting us!!!!

Little man is really into cutting up paper and taping it into a fancy creation.

Making banana brownies - yummy!

Play-Doh ice cream fun!

Bedtime story time was swapped for beditme artwork - love.  :)

 Sibling Love!

Visiting the Grapevine Botanical Gardens!

Love that Bryce made these 'goggles' at school - and that he rushed home and had to make Brianne a pair!