Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Brooke's Arrival!

She's here, she's here, she's here - and we are so very thrilled to now be a Family of Five!  I can't get enough of those newborn snuggles.  She is so tiny and precious -  I just want to soak it all up...and wish I could box it up and come back to these days since I know they are passing far too quickly...she's already over a week did that happen?!

Welcome to the world, baby girl!  Weighing in at 7lbs, 12 oz!

And my could burst when I see Big Brother and Big Sister giving her kisses and asking to hold her.  They have astounded me with their gentle love and sweetness...hoping that continues!

While I'd had hopes of avoiding a c-section....a wrapped umbilical cord meant that wasn't to it was off to the operating room.  Thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses who helped little Brooke enter this world.  They all seemed excited to know that we didn't know the gender - so they made sure to say that no he/she words would be said until they let Mark announce it for me.  Such a fabulous moment to hear him say "We have a beautiful baby.....GIRL!" - we had been fairly convinced it was a boy - so it was definitely a surprise!

Meeting my little angel! 
My recovery in the hospital went well....although I was super bummed to miss Brianne's first gymnastics meet, Bryce's t-ball game....and their first ever soccer practice and scrimmage - especially after learning that Bryce scored a goal - but at least daddy took some great photos for me!

I did enjoy the calm of the hospital and maxed out my stay there (partly due to sick kids at home, and partly due to knowing that having hot meals delivered to my bed would soon be a thing of days long gone...) - so I took full advantage of having a call button to get my water refilled or requests for snacks....nursing a baby works up quite the appetite!

I heart hospital food!  (or is it just that it's a hot meal delivered to me??)
I get giddy about filling out the menus....yum! :)
Thank heavens the hospital had a name book on hand.... :)  We'd had a boy name ready...but hadn't agreed on a girl name.  So very thankful that Mark agreed to my #1 choice of Brooke!

Geez mom and dad...hurry up and pick a name already!

Testing out the baby mat....sister approves!

It's exhausting being this cute!  (and my heart doesn't know if it should be happy or cry since this was one of Brianne's old outfits....going to be so fun to see Brooke wearing lots of hand-me-downs....)

Meeting some of the grandparents!

Little Brooke is now 2+ weeks old and already gained almost one pound!  The days are flying by far too fast...but we are soaking up all this newborn baby goodness and loving these precious moments!