Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Update - Part 1

It's always bittersweet getting home from vacation....the game of catch-up is exhausting...and it's tough getting back into work mode......but it's totally worth it for the time away.  Just returned from an amazing time in Canada and New York......I could really use another week to rest and get organized!

The trip started off a little rocky.  I learned (the hard way!) that you should ALWAYS check the expiration date on your passport....when you are at the airport with a 1 year old and all your luggage is NOT the time you want a gate agent to tell you that your passport expired a month ago.  Ooops - thankfully there is a location in Dallas where you can get a passport in 1 day as long as you have proof of pending travel..........and a few extra dollars to spare....On the positive side - it did give me and Bryce a day to spend in Dallas.  And we made the most of it!

Chillin' outside the Dallas office.....what should we do while we wait on the passport??? 

We had to wait 5 hours before picking up the passport.  So we visited the Dallas World Aquarium, had lunch (Bryce enjoyed his first Happy Meal!), and then stopped by the Dallas Public Library.  If that wasn't exhausting enough - we then picked up the passport and headed back to the airport for an 8pm flight to Toronto........thankfully the flight had extra seats so Bryce was able to have his own seat and we both managed to get some sleep!

Dallas World Aquarium

This place rocks - wish I had more pics to share - but my phone battery died...I actually resorted to buying one of those one-time use I'm anxiously awaiting getting those developed!

Definitely hope to get back here with the entire family....and a fully charged camera!

After we enjoyed the Aquarium we headed for lunch.  Guilty of letting Bryce enjoy his first happy meal.  He seemed to like it - well, he seemed to like the barbecue sauce at least!

After lunch we strolled over to the Dallas Public Library.  Wowzers - that place is HUGE.  We headed up to the 2nd floor which is entirely dedicated to the kiddos.  Would have liked to spend more time there....and was bummed that we had to skip out before the Lego Session that was going to take place!  Glad we got to spend some time there - and just makes me appreciate libraries even more!

Cruddy picture - but this was the center castle...completely full of board books for the little ones!

Airport Bound!

So after our slight delay - we made it back to the airport.  Very thankful that the flight went smoothly and Bryce was a gem to travel with. 

I hope to get around soon to put together a nice recap of the time in Canada and New York...stay tuned! :)  It was an amazing trip and some wonderful pictures will follow!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mommy and Son Time

1-on-1 Time 

Brianne and daddy shipped off to Canada on Friday morning, and Bryce and I don't head out until tomorrow night - so that has left some quality time for me to spend with my little guy.

Of course - I'm missing this little girl like CRAZY.
4:30am departure - little girl woke up and smiled - she was ready for her big adventure!

Thankfully I've been able to Skype with her every day and know she is being spoiled rotten and thoroughly loved on and tended to by all of the family up there.  

That being said - it has been so wonderful to have 4 days of Mommy-and-Bryce time.
He was my little helper when we went shopping.

Then we got him a much needed hair cut....followed by lunch at Chic-Fil-A (which is my FAVORITE place to go with the kids!)

We really missed Brianne and Daddy on Saturday night.  It was the annual Down Syndrome Partnership Swim Party - but Bryce and I went and had a great time.  Crazy to think that last year Bryce had been just 9 days old when we ventured out for our first "family of four" adventure!

This stuff is amazing!!!!  Yum!

Hey Mom - these little pea size bites that you are breaking off aren't cutting it for me.....

It was great to get out and see so many families having a wonderful time.  Love that we get to partake in this event.  Truly am thankful for all the goodness that extra chromosome has brought to our lives!  Love you B - and next year you'll be running around at this pool party!!!!

Wagon Rides

The wagon sure is lighter with just one kiddo!  Enjoyed our nightly walks around the neighborhood.

Our bags our packed - and tomorrow night Bryce and I head up to Canada!  A wedding and a pig roast are in our future - crazy good times await!   I am sooooo looking forward to the quality time with family and friends!  


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monster Birthday Bash!

I still recall Mark posting on Facebook the day of Brianne's 1st B-day Party....he commented that "Adrienne Sullivan might have over done it"........overdone a kiddos FIRST birthday - IMPOSSIBLE!!   It's a time to celebrate our kiddos - and that calls for a party! 

Bryce's 1st Birthday - A Monstrously Good Time!

LOVED the Monster Theme for Bryce - so many cute ideas, and it was so much fun to pull them all together!

 Monster Birthday Bash Door sign - need to make sure people know where the party is at. Poster board, 50 cents from the Dollar Tree....then free monster print outs taped on.  Simple and cute!  Printouts taken from here:  Monster Mania Printouts

Dollar tree flag banner - and balloons!  Love the bright colors.

Bryce's B-day shirt was made with Iron-Ons from Hobby Lobby.  Soooo simple and I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.  And of course a 2nd outfit is required for Post Smash Cake!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the library?! :)  Monster books for decoration - and fun night time reading.  I'd totally forgotten about the "Monster at the end of this Book"....classic!!

 Wally World has these great Monster Craft Kits....Monster Camp Crafts  And I was psyched to find these fun monster bags (along with the party invitations, favor bags, and thank-you notes!) in the Target Dollar bins!

 Monster Food and Drinks

Monster labels were found here:  Monster Name Tags

Monster Punch

Monster Punch  = 1 Gallon Blue Hawaiian Punch, 1 liter Sprite, and a few scoops of sherbert = sugary deliciousness!

Monster Toes

Monster Toes = Caramel Bugles

 Monster Noses

Monster Noses = M&Ms

 Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes = Deviled Eggs with 1/2 an Olive

 Fruit Monster!

Thank you Pinterest for this fantastic idea!  And thank you to Grandma Suzie for creating this masterpiece!

 Monster Happy Birthday Banner - Free Print-Out and then strung together on Blue Ribbon. Print Out taken from here:  Monster B-day Banner

We've had a row of Brianne pictures up since her 1st birthday....we'd talked about doing the same thing for Bryce but never got around to it.....glad that his birthday party gave us the motivation to get some more pics of our little guy up!


 Albertson's did a GREAT job on the cake!  A fun bonus is that they throw in a FREE smash cake for a first birthday.  I was very concerned when I saw the size of the smash cake (it was gigantic - i'd expected something cupcake size?!) - but I was very happy when my friend Aarin assured me that it was okay - her suggestion was to just give Bryce the entire cake and take it away when we felt he'd had enough. :) - I must say - that giant ol' smash cake made for some nice pictures!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

 LOVE that he went for the monster eyes first.  The eyes must be very tempting....considering another little party-goer snagged an eye off the other cake. :)

Daddy and Sister wanted in on the cake SMASHING.  

Nicely done, Bryce!
Post Bath - Ready to Keep on Partying!

 Monster Photo Props!

You can find all sorts of fun photo props if you search on Google....some are free - some have to be purchased.  Or you can put your husband to work creating them in PowerPoint.... :)  Thankful that my hubby was the one that worked on these!!!  Thanks dear!

Monster Pug :)

Party Play Time!

Sister got into Bryce's presents a little early....and managed to get this bow stuck on her behind. :)  Priceless.
Bryce and his friend Emily - he was ENAMORED with this little girl....think we may need to set up playdates with her!! :)
Tons of new toys!

Grandma Suzie gave Bryce his first set of golf clubs!
Very excited to have some serious 'boy' toys for Bryce! :) 

Birthday artwork! 

 Can't believe that Bryce's birthday has come and gone!  The days are flying by way too fast!  Doing my best to try and enjoy every moment.  

Brianne and Bryce are amazing kiddos and they make this parenting gig a great time!  :)

I suppose I should probably take down the birthday decorations one of these days....but I like the house being full of little reminders of our celebration!

And for those of you wanting to see the entire smash cake episode.....enjoy. :)