Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Photo Dump

Photos, Photos, and More Photos....

We've been busy and the blog has been here's a pictoral recap of some of the summer fun we've had!

Bryce's daycare had lots of summer activities.  Face painting day was a success - little guy made a crazy cute clown!

Little lady managed to get her shirt on like a cape - this is HUGE because it means she's very close to being able to put a shirt on by herself. :)   And she did this two days in a it wasn't just a fluke!

We made a few trips to the splash pad....but not nearly enough!

Playing w/ new toys from his b-day the total mess that this picture captures....yep - that's pretty accurate of how the house looks on any given day!

Cruisin!  Brianne really wasn't impressed with the new wheels and is much happier drawing with sidewalk chalk - but she does humor Bryce since he'll pat the passenger seat and request that Sissy ride along with him.

Pre-Season cowboys games.

We've retired the high chairs/booster seats................kiddos grow up WAY too fast!!!

Little Picassos!

Have I mentioned that EVERYONE who registers as a walker for Brianne's Fans or donates will receive a fabulous piece of artwork created by B?!  What are you waiting for - support the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas and show that you are one of Brianne's Fans - we hope you'll be able to join us!!
Use this link to access her page and register or donate!   Brianne's Fans!

 Bubble wrap!

Daycare had a 'dress as a nursery rhyme character' day....the best we could do was the Farmer in the Dell. :)

Little girl is REALLY into art these sign up as one of her fans and she'll send you a master piece! 

Sharing....a work in progress!  B playing nicely by her self....

Brother wants to partake in the fun....

And this is the result...........

Another pinterest inspired project - baking soda and vinegar are supposed to make some fantastic fizzing that entertains kids for a good amount of time......

The kids weren't quite ready for the eye dropper filling/ we modified this a little...

Filled their containers with a little bit of vinegar and then had them scoop the baking soda into it....this kept them busy for a while

Fizz fizz..........

Family Photo Shoot - we had a gift certificate for a family photo session....this is not fun with a 2 and 3 year old.  No way, no how are they going to smile simultaneously when it's summer in Texas and we are out in the botanical gardens.......but we tried....and managed to get a few pics of our own just in case none of the family pics turn out.....

More Artwork

 B is hoping her fans start showing up so she can share her artwork with them!!!  What are you waiting's the link:

That catches us up a bit.....more to come...............eventually!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pinterest Projects!


Given the amount of time I've spent browsing Pinterest in search of the next great dinner recipe or  activity for the kids or a delicious's bound to happen that I occasionally find a 'Pin' that is so fantastic it almost justifies the hours I've spent pinning away things that may never come to fruition....right?  Well - either way,  I'm happy to share a few of my recent Pinterest projects that were huge hits!

Peanut-Butter-Banana -Chocolate-Chip "Ice Cream" Sandwiches

Pure deliciousness in a simple treat - just smash some ripe bananas with a few scoops of peanut butter, throw in a few chocolate chips and then put that mixture between two graham crackers.  Freeze them....come back later and you will have pseudo-ice cream sandwiches that you don't have to feel guilty about eating!  Yum!   Link to Original Pin

Yum!  Make these - you will thank me later. :)
Bryce approves!

 Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

It's crazy hot here - but we managed to sneak outside a few times.  Sidewalk chalk paint is thrown together in seconds flat.  1 Cup Corn Starch + 1 Cup Water....mix it together and then pour into muffin tray and add a few drops of food coloring.  Take outside and hand paintbrushes to the kids and enjoy watching them stay busy for a good amount of time. 

In case you are curious - this concoction washes off easily - even off cars.  The kids managed to splatter it on both of our vehicles and my dear husband says "that's going to come off, right?"......wherever I originally saw this recipe hadn't stated any such thing......but I'm quite happy to report that it wiped off super easily.  Phew!

Cupcake Sandwich! 

Ever found that devouring a cupcake is hard work?  While out enjoying a gal's night last weekend, a friend was showing off her fancy cupcake eating technique- simply cut off the bottom half of the cupcake - plop that on top of the frosting - and you have a much easier to eat, still delicious cupcake sandwich.  Love it - and also love that upon my friend doing this - it was immediately stated "I'm sure that came from Pinterest".......are we really to a point in society where all great ideas come from Pinterest??  Eeek - I like to think it just helps spur creativity........................right?? 

On my to-do list for this year is host a Pinterest party...........hope to invite lots of Fellow Pinning Fans over to make or create one 'Pin' that they have been meaning to of these days we'll get to that..............stay tuned for more fantastic ideas and projects - courtesy of Pinterest!