Monday, October 1, 2018

Kicking off Down Syndrome Awareness Month...

October = Down Syndrome Awareness Month...and we kicked it off with a bang as my brave girl conquered her fear of the dentist and had a stellar appointment this morning!

Dental appointments have not been a lot of fun for Brianne.  The past few years the appointments include her not wanting anything to do with it...refusing to go back to the exam area, needing to be held down to even allow the dentist a chance to glance at her's been very stressful for everyone involved.  I'm thankful for the staff that has been patient with her and encouraged her and always respected her fears.  It wasn't a smooth and simple journey, but today, my brave girl impressed all of us when she went right back there and sat down and cooperated for the ENTIRE exam.  She even allowed them to take xrays! 

One neat thing about Down syndrome is that while things may take longer to accomplish and the time and effort needed to work thru things can be exhausting and frustrating and requires patience and perseverance...but when things do come together (and they will!) - the celebration and feeling of accomplishment is so much more meaningful!

So today as we kick off Down syndrome awareness month - I'm thankful.  Thankful for this beautiful daughter of mine who continues to amaze me each day with her sweet spirit and capabilities.  Thankful for the awesome dentist and staff that patiently encouraged Brianne.   Thankful for all of the amazing people that have been introduced to me by that extra chromosome.  Thankful for the love and encouragement from family and friends.  Thankful to live in the time we do where possibility and opportunity await individuals with Down syndrome.

Happy October.  Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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