Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Vacation = Family Fun Time!

We were thrilled to spend 2 weeks with our family up North.  We relaxed with my parents in  rural Western, NY - and then headed up to the big ol' city of Toronto and caught up with Mark's family in Canada.  It was so wonderful to watch the kids spending quality time with their grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles!

There are tons of highlights from our two weeks here's an attempt to capture just a few of these priceless memories!

New York, New York

Daddy and B reading an old story book that I read when I was just a little girl! 
Grandma and Grandpa taking the kids out for a stroll

Cruisin' on the deck

The Rain Bucket and Watering Can

The highlight at my parent's place was the rain bucket and the watering cans.  My dad suggested that when we returned home we should get rid of all the toys and just get a rain bucket........probably not a bad idea!
B helping Grandpa fill the watering bucket

Dining on the patio - we didn't eat inside the entire time we were there!

Bath time was essential after sand angels....

There was a lot of swimming in this little pool....and the kiddos enjoyed splashing around!

Picking flowers

We met up with an old high school friend and his family at the local park - and then enjoyed ice cream!  There was a LOT of ice cream on this summer vacation...which has helped in reaching the goal I had for Brianne to hold her own ice cream cone independently (an important life skill!!) - she has gotten much better....details that ice cream may have dripped clear down to her ankles.  Nothing screams summer vacation like sticky children eating ice cream cones!

Mark and I ventured out to Amish country and had a few new belts made up for us.   Pretty sure that is the only place I will shop for belts now....had one from a few years ago and it still looks brand new!   Very neat to catch just a glimpse into life in Amish country - quite different from my air conditioned position on the couch listening to the radio and typing away on the computer.....not sure how they manage without all of the 'extras' that we take for granted!
 Bryce helping to put batteries in his new sound making puzzle!
 Brianne enjoying the new puzzle.

Happy Fourth of July!

Love this picture (even though she was really saying she was DONE with pictures!)

Hello Canada!

Splash pad and park with Grandpa!

LOVE how this captures her happiness!

Aunt Ada and Uncle Frank bought Bryce his first hockey stick - Brianne approved!

Did I mention we had a lot of ice cream?  :)  I heart Summer Vacation!

Ontario Science Center! 

We braved a trek to the Ontario Science Center - and the kids had a fantastic time checking out all the kid areas.  It was a chaotic and crazy time - but definitely entertaining!

Loving From the Auntie's and Uncles!

 Seeing the kids laughing and smiling with the aunts and uncles was one of my favorite parts of this trip.  It really stinks that we live so far away from you guys!!!!  Come visit us any chance you get - or we at least need to Skype more often!!!!

Love this picture.  B's smile and laughter is priceless - and in the background is Bryce playing with Uncle BJ....who appears to be being attacked by Bryce's stuffed monkey if you look really closely!

Kiddos First Subway ride!

Happy Canada Day!

 It was my first time being in Canada to celebrate Canada Day - so we went all out in our Canada gear! 

Final picture from our trip - when we pulled in the driveway Bryce wanted to hold Brianne's hand - LOVE

It was a wonderful two weeks with family and friends - love and miss you guys so much!!!  Open invite to come see us in Texas whenever you get a chance!!

And now attempting to get back into a routine.......a routine of the usual chaos....crazy week already between transitioning both kiddos to toddler beds, Bryce starting a new daycare, getting ready for Bryce's 2-year B-day party, catching up at work, etc. etc. etc.............I'm ready for another vacation already!!!


  1. These are awesome pics A! I can't decide which one I like the best. Right now it's a close tie between Brianne on the slide and Bryce's "Cheese!" face! The last one comes in a close 2nd :) It was great seeing you guys, and I hope we can get together next time you're back in town. Good luck with your crazy week!

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing Adrienne! Always a joy to read about your adventures and the wonderful things you are doing! :)