Monday, April 22, 2013

Picture Perfect

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Enjoying as much time outdoors as we can before the Texas summer arrives!

Momma's Little Shoppers

Book stop at Sam's Club
Bryce fixing lunch - who's hungry?

Puppy love

Zoo fun


First carousel ride!
First carousel ride - giddy up!

New toys!

Boys and their trains.

Mom and Bryce on a super steep (but fun!) slide!



Gal's afternoon out - painting pottery at Sunshine Glaze!

Art supplies - i need to pick up my 'masterpiece' :)  Stay tuned for a pic of the finished product!

Down and out....poor B had a stomach bug that knocked her out for a week :(

Back to healthy - woo hoo!

Dad and the kids in the bounce house - not sure who's having more fun..... :)

Whoa - all that bouncing makes me thirsty!

Making cookies
Bryce's master pieces - they were delicious!  Thank you Pinterest for the peanut butter cookie recipe from yellow cake mix!  RECIPE HERE

Bryce's new wheels

I really need to get this little girl to wear bows in her hair! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts

Hunting For Eggs!

It was exciting that the kiddos were at the perfect age to partake in egg hunts this year.  We did a little trial run around the house so we'd be ready.

The first one we ventured to was the TCU egg was a sunny day - but brrrrrrrrr - it was cold and windy!

 Brianne seemed to enjoy the hunt and stocked up on lots of goodies.

Bryce had a melt down as soon as it started - he wanted no part of it.  Lesson learned - do NOT wake up your child from a nap to go to an egg hunt - they will not be impressed!

 It was a great day for a photo with the spring flowers!! The campus was stunning with the sun shining and flowers in full bloom....details that the wind made it a little too cold to fully enjoy!

Egg Hunt #2

 We hit up another egg hunt celebration that was hosted by a big local church.  Details that it had down poured the evening before this the field was more of a big ol' mud pit - but we braved it and had a good time.  Bryce enjoyed this hunt much better than the first one - although the mud on his shoes made him a little cranky.

Enjoying one of his many treats from his hunt!
 Somehow I ended up as the one that took the kids up this gigantic inflatable slide.  Note in this picture - Brianne is coming down the slide - i'm up at the top and little man is climbing up the stairs/ladder (he almost made it all the way to the top on his own....the last few steps are pretty steep so i helped him a little - but he was quite the climber!) - I also love the Texas Flag in the background.   I never would have guessed that I'd be the mom of two little Texans!!

Egg Hunt #3

Last, but certainly not least, was a 'Special Bunnies' egg hunt put on by AT&T Pioneers Fort Worth.  They went ALL OUT to make sure this was a fun event for kiddos with Special Needs and their siblings and families.  Toys and games galores, multiple egg hunts, real bunnies to pet, the Easter Bunny, face painting, bubbles..... - it was an amazing time!  A huge thank you to them for putting this event together - we will certainly be hoping to attend next year!

Bryce was a professional egg hunter for this one...there is just something that cracks me up about a little kid lugging around a basket as he fills it with plastic eggs.  Brianne really didn't have time for the egg hunts - she was more excited about the giant inflatable hamster ball type toys and the bubble station and the baby pools filled with foam blocks...there was so much to do here!

My little basketball star!  She loved this!

Some of our loot from this egg hunt! :)  The eggs were not only filled with candy, but tickets that you could redeem for various prizes.  

Candy and sugar overload!!!!