Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

First Day Back at Kinderfrogs


This school is amazing and we are so thrilled that our little girl is able to go here. From the school's website they describe it as an "early-intervention educational program for children ages 18 months to six years with Down syndrome and other developmental delays".   I often tell people that Brianne is going there and they are preparing her to be main streamed when she goes to Kindergarten. Words can't come close to describing this's amazing - it's right up there in the ranks with Disney World. The staff all have gigantic hearts and love our kids and they are on a mission to see them succeed.  They do not baby our kids - they work them and have high expectations for them.  Brianne loves it - when we drop her off we are lucky to get a wave goodbye before she is off and playing and learning with her friends.
Yearbook from last year - the mom that put this together is amazing!!!  Filled with great pics of last year's adventures!

We are super excited about what this school year will bring!  Already they have our little girl walking more and more - she has taken a few steps on her own, and she is getting more steady walking with just one hand for support...she'll be cruising around soon!

Celebrating the 1st Day of School with a Braum's Sundae!

Grocery Shopping

Every now and then I get a crazy notion that I'm super mom and can do things with both kids and it will be simple.  The other day I ventured to the grocery store with the two little ones - thinking that I would be able to put the kids in one of the fun car carts that has 2 spots for lil ones....but of course when we got there all of those carts were in use.  So Brianne got to sit in the cart - and I carried Bryce while pushing the cart and would let him walk and hold my hand when he got heavy.  I will admit I had to try really hard to refrain from giving the stink eye to the people I saw rolling around in the car carts...with just one kid.   But we managed - and even got almost everything on our shopping list!

Really mom...I thought you told me I was going to sit in a fun Car Shopping Cart!
My Lil' Shoppers

Shopping Take II - Crusin' In Style at Target

Of course when we go shopping with Daddy we score a big double cart!

 Construction Party!

We had a fabulous time celebrating our friend Caden's 3rd Birthday!  His momma did a fantastic job putting together decorations - and she made the most amazing cake that looked AND tasted great!!




My lil' construction workers

Who's That???

Love that the dress code for the party called for white shirt, jeans, and work boots!  Bryce made an awful handsome construction worker!!!

Kids LOVED the empty kid-cupboard....if only we had space for one of these in our house!
Favor bags - and hats!
Super adorable party favors!!

 Happy 3rd Birthday Caden!!!  Thank you so much for having us join in your celebration - we had so much fun!


  1. The caution stripes inside that cake are awesome... tell me how that was made?!?!?

  2. Chris - all great ideas come from Pinterest! :) I believe she used this tutorial for making the striped cake: