Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Farmer Bryce Turns TWO!

Crazy to think that Bryce is already two years old!  It's such a treat to see him learning new things every day and hear him talking more and more....and watching his unique little personality start to emerge.   Happy 2nd Birthday to my little guy - I love you so much!!

 A few pics from way back when....

Brianne was less than thrilled about her brother's homecoming - but now they are best friends! :)

Fast forward to now - and we celebrated with a Barnyard Bash.  It was perfect that while we were up in NY we had an impromptu photo shoot where Bryce happened to be wearing we managed to get some great pis to use as decorations for the party!

Very thankful to all of our friends that came to help celebrate at the Barnyard Bash!  We had a house FULL of babies and toddlers - but it seemed like all the kids played really nicely and it went really well!

Hard at work making hand print farm animals!

I started to take pictures of the party action...but Farmer Bryce snagged the camera and who was I to tell the Birthday Boy to give it back to when you leave a two year old to be the party photographer....the majority of the pictures are of his grimy little finger covering the lens...but he managed to get a few party pics:

 I'll spare you the rest of his work....he might need a little practice before he can be left in charge as the official photographer....but the boy has skillz.

 I'd say the Barnyard Bash was a success!!  A huge thank you to our many friends who spoiled Bryce with tons of new toys!  It looks like Christmas in July around we are having fun with all of the new goodies!

Since we'd just gotten back from NY/Canada - we'd postponed the party until we had time to settle back in.  But on his actual B-day we still managed to pack in some fun.  We did a little car shopping at Toys R Us and then made our first venture to Chuck E Cheese, and then stopped for icecream - a pretty busy day for a two year old!

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