Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Moved!

Home Sweet Home!

Apparently the thing to do after returning from a 2 week vacation is to pack up and move......or so that's what we did.  We got home around midnight after a great trip, and the next morning we rented a big ol' moving truck and a few dear friends (who we are forever indebted too!) helped move furniture and other belongings....and we hadn't pre-packed a single thing.........oye!

The move was just about 8 miles from our old house....but it's a very exciting upgrade since we now have a YARD (previously we'd been on a golf course and stray golf balls were a common occurrence and the yard was more of a concrete slab), and it has an extra bedroom (which will come in handy.....given the upcoming arrival of Baby #3 in March!),

and it has a PLAYROOM (okay, maybe it's supposed to be a dining room, but right now it's the perfect place for all the toys and it's nice to have a family room that's not looking like a toy store that had a tornado whip thru....although at times...that still happens, although mentioning that toys that aren't in the playroom might end up in the garage or garbage seems to help corral the toys back to where they belong!

Not so exciting is the packing/organizing that still remains....but some day perhaps we'll be organized....hahahaha - or so I like to think. 
Bryce on one of the many trips back from the old house.  Animals are safely strapped in!

Exploring the New Neighborhood

A new neighborhood means we need to find new parks and new go-to-favorite restaurants.  Enjoying the new adventures - and loving the new area!

 Stopping to pick flowers :)
 Some parks are ruled out as "not good for one parent with 2 kids" due to the crazy amount of climbing apparatus and various contraptions they are climbing around...but definitely a park to return to if you can be 1-on-1 with the hooligans!

Duck pond and super fun playground = a great find!
Another park that received two thumbs up...although - where are the bathrooms???? Hellooooooooo - kiddos and pregnant lady need a bathroom!?  

Things We Miss:

  • Our amazing old neighbors!  The new location does seem to have a plethora of children (halloween trick-or-treating was super busy!) , but we haven't become close friends to the point we can just drop by for a random playdate and share a few beverages with them...or the sweet neighbors that would randomly call and say "meet me at the door - i have food/cookies for you"..........but I'm guessing with a little more time we'll become more connected with the new neighbors...and hopefully still stay in touch with the old ones!
  • Boopas Bagels and Los Molcajetes and the grocery store being a short little walk away.....those were the days!
  • And that's about it..... :)

Perhaps there is a bit more on the "things we miss" list....but really - the new house seems to be an amazing fit for us with a great, functional layout and a yard and more space....ahhhh - we are settling in and thrilled to be here!