Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!
So very thankful for all those that have served this amazing country and those that are doing so now. 

It was a weekend full of quality time with friends and family.  Glad the kids loved splashing around - I think this summer will consist of lots of swimming and sunscreen!

B's fun game in the pool...

This boy can't get enough watermelon!

Practice makes perfect (i still need lots of practice!) -  Hoping Brianne has patience with me as I try to learn how to braid!

  Thank You Grandma Suzie for our adorable Memorial Day outfits!!!  How cute are we?!  Love - Brianne and Bryce

Impossible Task:  Photographing two toddlers simultaneously! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Thankfully it's a 3 1/2 day I still have 2 days to rest after all that has gone on the past 1 1/2 days!

I left work mid-day on Friday and met up w/ Mark and the kids at one of my new favorite places - Buffalo Bros. 

A fun TCU hang out - with wonderful food - that is Authentic Buffalo style! :)  We had the wings...but apparently they have Beef on Weck too?!  That just screams WNY - love it!!!!

Cruddy picture quality - but that is a Western NY pic and Buffalo Bills poster!  Love finding a little touch of home here in Texas!!!!!

After lunch we headed to The Colonial.  Thrilled to have free tickets given to us courtesy of The Henry House Foundation since they are fans of Kinderfrogs!

Hanging out in the Henry House Foundation Sky Box. :)  The kids had a great time!

We tried to walk around a bit....but since the kids really didn't understand that they needed to be quiet when the "Do Not Disturb" signs were was safer to keep a good distance from the golfers! :)

So ridiculous - but this just might be my new favorite family photo. :)

Really enjoyed my first golf tournament experience.  It was one of those days where we ran into  handful of people that were in love with Brianne.  Of course - they commented that Bryce was super cute - but they focused on B.    Loved talking with the girl that told me about her 33 year old sister who has Down syndrome - who lives on her own and takes the bus to work!  Another girl gave Brianne a high five and then told me she has a cousin with DS....and then a lady ooooe'd and aaaaaah'd over Brianne (and maybe oooo'd at Bryce) - and told me she has a step-son w/ DS.

After the Colonial, Brianne and I headed to the Opening Ceremonies of the Special Olympics.  What a fantastic event to watch!  It was great to see the athletes come into the stadium and fill the field.  I can't really explain how I felt sitting there with Brianne on my lap.....knowing that someday she will be able to participate in these games.  My heart hurt a little and I hugged Brianne close - excited about all that awaits in her future.  My little girl has so much potential and great things await her!  

I think she had fun watching the parade of athletes!


Saturday Morning - Mark took kid duty (thanks honey!) - and I headed back to the games as  a volunteer at the Special Olympics cycling competition.
 Right before they were going to start the games I hear the main organizer asking "Hey - can anyone sing the National Anthem?".......(guessing since the cycling event was offsite from the rest of the Summer Games this detail was overlooked to pre-arrange) - but not to worry - while all of the volunteers looked wide-eyed and shook their heads NO - some of the athletes stepped up to the challenge!  The impromptu group did a great job!!!
These amazing ladies completed the 25K race!!!!  And they did it with smiles on their faces!! :)

 I'm thankful that Bell Helicopter was out in full force at the games as volunteers!  It was nice to meet other Bell employees that were out enjoying a day of cheering on the amazing athletes.

Upon getting home it was quality time with Mark and the kiddos.  We are VERY excited about having some down time for the rest of the weekend!

My first attempt at a French braid!  Pretty proud of myself....details that it's wayyyyyyyy overdue! :)  PS:  Disregard the little boy in the background playing with a power cord - kid proofing is a never ending task in this house!

Super thankful that Bryce took a nap with me while Mark and Brianne walked to the store to get dinner this evening!  Being out at the games was fun - but exhausting!!    Looking forward to the next 2 days - agenda includes relaxing and hanging out with the hubby and the kids! :)  I believe I'm due for some down time!

Updated on 12/17/12:  Shared with Ellen Stumbo's Reading Prompt as one of my favorite blog posts of the year.     Ellen Stumbo Reading Prompt

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Squash Update

Squash update....finally got around to cooking the home grown squash - and it was delicious!
Sauteed it w/ olive oil and some onion

Then baked it for a bit w/ some cheese and ritz crackers......yum! 

My little kitchen helper

Pasta night = Bath Night
FYI......i've attempted to update/fix the videos from the previous post.......still figuring out this blogging biz......but if you want to see Bryce devour watermelon or Brianne reading and signing....check our the previous weekend recap. :)