Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time Slipping By...

Falling Behind

I've fallen a bit behind on my updates.  The horrific news from Sandy Hook Elementary has been on my mind, and my heart breaks for everyone involved.   Part of me wants to run off to live in a safe bubble with my kids and hide them away somewhere, away from everything...but that's not a realistic option.   We have to keep going in this crazy world...find the good things....BE the good things....we have to love and laugh and hug and kiss and cherish each day and moment that we have....for we never know what this life will bring. 

A little TCU gnome now greets us at the front door - GO FROGS.

Bryce's school pictures are that little boy - he's crazy cute even when he's unhappy.

Brianne's puzzle skills have emerged.  Just a few months ago we'd sit down to do puzzles and she'd simply throw the pieces.....I had a proud momma moment when she sat down at the puzzle and quite delicately took each piece out and set it aside - then worked diligently to put them back in.  She's a hard worker - and is learning so many new things!

Hubby surprised me last weekend by randomly whipping together a red velvet cake, with a homemade cream cheese frosting that was divine.  YUM!!!

Christmas Photoshoot

We finally made time to take photos of the kids in some Christmas gear....dressed them up and then let them run around the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens....and attempted to capture their smiles.  The kids loved walking around and exploring....stopping for the camera wasn't really on their agenda....but we managed to capture some shots that were keepers.

There was a group of little kids with balloons.  One little boy saw Brianne looking at the balloons and came over.  He offered us his balloon and said "here - i think she'll have more fun with it than I will" - love when little kids show they have big hearts - that little act of kindness sure brightened my day!

After chasing all around the gardens, we enjoyed dinner at Zeke's Fish and Chips - delicious grub for a great price, especially considering we had a Groupon Deal! :)

Other Happenings....

Yep - the box is still taking up space in the living room - and still a favorite toy....
Bryce helped me make muffins.

More Zoo Adventures

The kids were fun with the Touch Tank....they thought it was a splash tank.... :)

Train Table Fun

Couch Potatoes



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  1. They are sooooo cute and growing up waaay to quickly for my liking!
    That video melted my heart, wish I was there to give them a ton of kisses!
    Christmas won't be the same without you guys this year - we will miss you all terribly!