Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scribbles and Marker Tops

Somethings come easier...

With Brianne and Bryce being so close in age - it's noticeable when things come naturally to Bryce - yet B might have to work at them.  The simple task of flipping a light switch:  Bryce's little fingers quickly mastered the lights on and off - but for Brianne - this is a task that requires more practice and concentration.  I know there are bound to be so many of these times when things are natural/easy for Lil Brother - but B has to focus on them.  But give the girl some help and practice things with her, have a little patience and persistence - and she'll master these things in her own time.

Snapping marker tops on and off was another one of these things - watching Bryce easily manipulate the tops on and off, but Brianne struggling and asking for help.  But we kept working at it - and with  practice - she's getting so much better at it!  So proud of my little lady!

Working on drawing lines and circles
She's working so hard to get the top back on!
This requires my serious face!
I did it!  (and I'm beautiful!)

 Sibling Love

It is so fun to watch Brianne and Bryce together.  My heart melts when Bryce grabs Brianne by the hand and convinces her to come along with him.

I brought Brianne to the table - is it breakfast time already?!?!

Puppy Love

Oompa is the most laid back pug - and Brianne loves to snuggle up with him.
Hmmmm - not sure this is close enough...
Ahhhh - that's almost it....



 I first saw these at Bryce's daycare - I couldn't comprehend how the kids were running around with bubbles.....don't they just spill it everywhere??!!!  Not with Fubbles - it's like bubble magic in a fancy/clever container that is no-spill - ingenious!!!!! :)  I highly recommend these for little kids - saves a lot of tears and lost bubble mix!

 Sunday Morning Playdough Fun


Banana Boats

It's so entertaining to see the kids learning new things and doing things their own way.

Bryce has a very unique banana eating technique.  Don't try peeling the banana for him - he's got it all under control!


My Cheese is Broken!

Whoa - don't try to give this boy a cheese slice that is in pieces.....you will see some very serious tears....
OMG - those tears kill me!!!!! Welcome to the Terrible Twos!
Whoa - all is right with the world....my cheese is together!

 DSPNT Swim Party!

I LOVE this event!  It is so much fun to see the families and kids from the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas having such a great time!!!  I always feel a bit nostalgic since this was one of the first events that Brianne participated in.  The first year that we went - Brianne was just a wee little gal, she was pre-heart surgery so she was lethargic and un-energetic.........(but still so very cute in her pink polka-dot swimsuit!).

Fast forward just three years....and WOW!!!!!!!!!

Watch out world - this little lady is growing and thriving!!! 

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