Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Photo Dump

Photos, Photos, and More Photos....

We've been busy and the blog has been here's a pictoral recap of some of the summer fun we've had!

Bryce's daycare had lots of summer activities.  Face painting day was a success - little guy made a crazy cute clown!

Little lady managed to get her shirt on like a cape - this is HUGE because it means she's very close to being able to put a shirt on by herself. :)   And she did this two days in a it wasn't just a fluke!

We made a few trips to the splash pad....but not nearly enough!

Playing w/ new toys from his b-day the total mess that this picture captures....yep - that's pretty accurate of how the house looks on any given day!

Cruisin!  Brianne really wasn't impressed with the new wheels and is much happier drawing with sidewalk chalk - but she does humor Bryce since he'll pat the passenger seat and request that Sissy ride along with him.

Pre-Season cowboys games.

We've retired the high chairs/booster seats................kiddos grow up WAY too fast!!!

Little Picassos!

Have I mentioned that EVERYONE who registers as a walker for Brianne's Fans or donates will receive a fabulous piece of artwork created by B?!  What are you waiting for - support the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas and show that you are one of Brianne's Fans - we hope you'll be able to join us!!
Use this link to access her page and register or donate!   Brianne's Fans!

 Bubble wrap!

Daycare had a 'dress as a nursery rhyme character' day....the best we could do was the Farmer in the Dell. :)

Little girl is REALLY into art these sign up as one of her fans and she'll send you a master piece! 

Sharing....a work in progress!  B playing nicely by her self....

Brother wants to partake in the fun....

And this is the result...........

Another pinterest inspired project - baking soda and vinegar are supposed to make some fantastic fizzing that entertains kids for a good amount of time......

The kids weren't quite ready for the eye dropper filling/ we modified this a little...

Filled their containers with a little bit of vinegar and then had them scoop the baking soda into it....this kept them busy for a while

Fizz fizz..........

Family Photo Shoot - we had a gift certificate for a family photo session....this is not fun with a 2 and 3 year old.  No way, no how are they going to smile simultaneously when it's summer in Texas and we are out in the botanical gardens.......but we tried....and managed to get a few pics of our own just in case none of the family pics turn out.....

More Artwork

 B is hoping her fans start showing up so she can share her artwork with them!!!  What are you waiting's the link:

That catches us up a bit.....more to come...............eventually!!!!

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