Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mexico - Family Fun and a Wedding!

Hola, Mexico!!!

My brother-in-law and the girl of his dreams got married in sunny, beautiful Mexico - so we  packed up our sunscreen and swimsuits and joined them for the family fun and festivities.

Sending a big ol' CONGRATULATIONS to the newlyweds!  What a beautiful celebration and wishing them all the happiness in the world! What a stunning bride and such a treat to see such a happy couple - love you guys!!!  Brianne and Bryce are so very lucky to have Uncle Dan-O and Auntie Krista!

Traveling with two small children is exhausting - but also such a treat.  To see their excitement as they play on the sandy beach, huge smiles as they jump into the pool, and to see them spending quality time with aunties and uncles and Nana and Papa and making new friends - was totally worth it.

Meeting Baby Albany - Brianne and Bryce's Lil' Cousin!!!

Cousins - LOVE :) (and i love the Buffalo Bills shirt Uncle BJ was sporting too) :)

Vacation Fun

Bryce needed water in his bucket for his 'car wash' - boys and their cars...

It took us a few days to realize we could order a kid's meal - but once we did - Brianne was in chicken nugget heaven!

Water logged, teeth chattering, lips turning purple - but he didn't want to get out of the pool!

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day!

World Down Syndrome Day falls on March 21st (3/21....since individuals with DS have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome) and we were at the beach - so that's where we celebrated.   I'm so very thankful for my little girl who was made with a little extra goodness!

My Favorite Sunrise

We made it down to the beach for a few sunrises - but this was my favorite sunrise - ever! I hadn't intended to let the kids get in the water and get all icky since they were still basically in pajamas - but they sat right down in the wet sand and start digging and playing and I just let them go to work.  It was such a beautiful morning and they had a blast - and hosing them off was simple.

When I pointed out the sunrise to the kids, Bryce watched it and went back to playing.  Then a few moments later he said "the sun came out of the water?  It's wet now".  I just love hearing about the world from a 2-year old.  I failed to give him a proper scientific lesson to describe that the sun actually doesn't move or go in the water....I responded with the first thing I could think of which was: "well - the sun is really, really hot - so it's not wet anymore" - being a parent means you never know what your kids are going to say - and you probably don't have the right answers - but I guess you just do your best...and hopefully he'll have a great  teacher some day who will explain sunrises to him. :)

More pics :)

Brianne and Will - Will wins the award for making the best Sand Men and castles!

Watching signing time in the cabana - this is the life!

Painting pottery with Auntie Krista!

Playing in the sand with Grandpa (aka: Papa - if you ask the kids) :)

Bryce enjoying story time on the balcony with Grandpa and Uncle BJ
More cousinly love.  Sooo wish we all lived closer!!!!!! 

 Sunrise playground fun.  Made even more fun when Uncle BJ asked them who was daring to play in his castle!!! 

Wedding Day!

The wedding was beautiful - and I was the proud mama as my kiddos were part of the wedding party! Their outfits were to die for (suspenders, bow tie, and hat for Bryce!) and Krista did a fabulous job MAKING the flower girls' tutu dresses! 

 Bryce and Jonah did a fabulous job carrying the sign down...unfortunately - this is as far as Bryce made it because as soon as he saw me, he dropped the sign and bolted straight to me - leaving poor Jonah to carry the sign on his own.  :)  Brianne might not have been too enthusiastic about her job of walking down the aisle..(perhaps she  refused to partake in such things) - but shedid understand that at the reception her job was to dance the night away - and she  danced her little heart out!  They definitely fulfilled the role of looking super duper adorable!


A HUGE thank you goes to my brother-in-law-to-be-come-September, Will, who captured some fabulous photos for us!  (Note:  prior to going on vacation I said to Mark - 'Should we bring our good camera' - and his reply was 'Nah - we have enough to pack. Will's going to be there with his camera') :)

Our message to the newlyweds! :)


Post wedding beverages - fairly certain this might be a Hershey's advertisement... :)

Lil' flower girl dancing with the groom!

Wowzers - what a trip!  I need a vacation to recover from the vacation! :)

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