Thursday, January 1, 2015

Glen Rose Getaway!

I was happy that Groupon offered a deal for a family pass to Dinosaur World....upon purchasing that it meant that we needed to plan a little getaway to Glen Rose to utilize the voucher, and to also enjoy the drive-thu Fossil Rim safari!

We booked two nights at a hotel (hotel choice was based on finding one that had an indoor pool so that we could fully enjoy the little 'getaway') and headed off with friends that also have two little kids.  Impressive is that we all had a good time - and would probably attempt other such getaways in the future...even with adjoining rooms.  :)

Given that we weren't traveling by airplane - I had to chuckle that I probably packed more for a 2 day adventure then is usually packed for a 2-week getaway....the luxury of just throwing items in the car and not lugging thru an airport was a nice perk!

Dinosaur World!

It was a brisk, but sunny morning to visit Dinosaur World - and thankfully it did warm up as the day went on - so we had a nice time on the Dino Walk and on the Fossil Dig...and the kids were quite happy on the playground.

Digging for Fossils!

When we finished with the dinosaur fun, we headed to Dairy Queen for a quick lunch and let the kids run out some energy at the indoor playground.  We then decided to head to the Fossil Rim Safari - since we learned that if you go one day, you can return for free the next day as long as you arrive before 10am.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center 

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a great place to visit if you are in the Glen Rose area!  We have been a few times before, but this was the first visit for us as a family.  The little ones thought it was quite the treat to be out of their carseats and enjoying some time in the front seat....and to help with the driving - and having various animals right beside your car (and even with their heads inside the car!) made for a memorable safari drive!  

Bryce was pretty upset that we didn't have a 'hole in the top of our car' to feed the giraffes.  He suggested that when our cars get old we'll have to get one that has a hole in the roof.  :)
 Feeding the giraffes! 

Very glad we went the first afternoon since it was warmer and sunny...the next day when we returned for the pre-10am free entrance on the 2nd day it was super cold and gray skies...and the giraffes were in their pens - but the other animals were out and about - and the zebras gave us a super fun face as they requested some food - so it was worth returning to!
Brianne was fairly terrified of the crazy zebra...but i couldn't stop laughing and we had to get a picture!  Hopefully she won't despise zebras for the rest of her life!

Mini Getaway Success!

We throughly enjoyed this little getaway!  Two nights in a hotel was a nice break from being home where you consistently have things that you 'should be doing' laundry or cleaning or other it was a very nice treat to just get away for some quality time with the family and our friends!  

The little ones really enjoyed the hotel stay as well!  The pool was a bit too cold...but they were able to enjoy the hot tub - and Brianne did brave the pool with me and enjoyed jumping in and paddling around!  Daddy did well by bringing a tent which the kids enjoyed having a 'fort' to play in during our stay.  
Definitely a great trip that was short and sweet!

Pool time!  Bryce saw lots of his reflections and said "why are there so many Bryce's?"  :)   

iPad and popcorn = happy lil' girl!


  1. I see a lot of smiles on that trip, which is completely relatable, seeing as how amazing the attraction parks you went to are. The kids obviously had a lot of fun on the safari ride, and the harmless animals all looks majestic. I seriously have to go check out that Wildlife Center. Thanks for sharing all the fun with us, Adrienne! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™

  2. That is so cool! I think it's safe to say that it is every kid's dream to visit Dinosaur World. Plus, it's pretty awesome how the grown-ups thoroughly enjoyed the park as well. Hahaha! I do hope the family gets to go to more successful getaways like that again, no matter how miniature the trip may seem. Thanks for sharing all the fun with us! All the best! :)

    Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel at Cley