Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Texas Snow and Ice Days = Family Fun Time

Texas weather is incredibly random...and thanks to a few wintery days - we enjoyed a handful of snow/ice days that equated to NO SCHOOL which equaled NO WORK.  :)

Given the upcoming arrival of Sullivan Baby #3 - I think I was more inclined to really soak up this extra 'bonus' time with the little ones.  Of course - the first snow day was jam-packed with various activities/puzzles/adventures/etc....but by Day #2....there was a good amount of iPad and movie watching thrown in there too!

The first morning of ice/snow we awoke to hear Bryce's feet pitter-pattering thru the house....but then it was quiet and he didn't appear in our room.  After a minute I yelled out to ask him where he was, and it was one of the most precious things to hear him reply with "lying in bed, looking out the window at all the snow" - little Texan was mesmerized by the dusting of ice and snow.  :)

Here's a recap of some of our fun during these spells of winter weather:

Water Beads!

 If you haven't tried these with your kids - I highly recommend it!  They do require supervision since they aren't edible and i'm still dreading the day when the bucket tips over and they spill everywhere...but they are tons of fun and a great sensory bin material!
We bought these at Michael's in the flower section for just a few dollars...great investment!
They start out super tiny, but as you soak them in water...they grow and grow and grow
We enjoyed watching them grow throughout the day...they feel like slimy little eggs

GingerBread Train! 

This was an after-Christmas clearance special that we'd bought....and had been waiting for a lazy day to make it.  We'd made a Gingerbread house during Christmas break...and I'd bugged Mark since he was 'fixing' things as the kids put them in various this time Mark said he'd leave it to me and the kiddos.  :)  

Bryce is a Mini-Mark....he did the candy on the caboose in perfect symmetry....all on his own.....

Play Time!

 I'm can't recall how many snow days we actually had - they all kind of blend together...but I know there was lots of time spent in pajamas and it was a wonderful excuse to spend a little more quality time together!

Checking how tall we are :)

Being Lazy....aka:  Relaxing!

 Day #2 might have consisted of a few movies and some NetFlix time....

Outside Fun

 For my Western NY friends and family....this small little 'cute' amount of snow/ice might look like Spring to you....but the ICE is crazy and I would take driving in 4 feet of lake-effect snow over driving on icy roads with Texan drivers ANY day!

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