Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time Warp

Such a crazy time's impossible to believe that Brooke is already 11 weeks's flown by...but it's also hard to recall what life was like without her!

The days have been packed full of fun - especially since we pulled Bryce out of his daycare for the summer.  It's been such a treat having the extra time to spend with him and Brooke while I'm still on leave.  We've been to the zoo, the splash pad, indoor jump houses, to the airport observation area to watch planes, various parks....and we still have a jam packed agenda until I head back to work in a few weeks.

Little Brooke is full of smiles and giggles - she gave her first full blown giggle when Brianne was reading a book to her!  She's not a fan of tummy time - but sure loves to snuggle with me.  I'm totally spoiled by her being such a good baby...she's slept thru the night a few times...and usually is only up once in the night to eat and then quickly goes back to very thankful for this since I don't know how I'd survive if she was a night owl!

Sensory bin fun - love the addition of these measuring cups that I grew up using to help my mom bake!  So thrilled she finally treated herself to a new set...and passed these down to me!!!!

Play-doh monsters - another Pinterest win!

Brianne and Bryce have become best buddies...that love to 'play fight'....oye!

Working on our name writing skillz!
Airport Observation area - such a fun day with my lil guy and Brooke!

All that crazy rain meant he actually got to put those rain boots to use!

More play-do monster fun!

New baby lion cubs!!!!!
Harley girl.  :)
Book worm
We've entered the world of legos!

Lil' laundry helper - he insisted these were his shorts and they fit him....
Skipping school to play golf at the DSPNT golf tournament!  :)
Tummy time is a bit more tolerable when brother entertains with his cars

Meeting Sophie the giraffe.  :)
Wearing my old baby out!

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