Friday, April 22, 2016

Baby Girl Turned ONE!

How Did 365 days pass so quickly?!?!

Birthday Girl!

 I spent the entire time I was pregnant with Brooke in a panic about how we would possibly handle 3 kids, since it seemed pretty certain we had reached max chaos level with Brianne and Bryce.  It still boggles my mind how from the time she arrived she fit right into our family and things seemed to continue on quite smoothly.  

Life with 3 little's busy, it's crazy, it's hectic, it means the house is always in shambles, the laundry is always piled high, the question of 'what's for dinner - can it just be pizza night?" is asked far too many times...yet amid all that juggling and exhaustion - it's beautiful, it's fabulous, it's fun - and I love it.

Brooke's Birthday Adventures at the Zoo

I love how one minute he's being the loving big brother - then the next he's made a bow and arrow...

Birthday Cake!

Our Little Sunshine Birthday Party!

We had a great time celebrating with friends for her birthday shin-dig!

This was pre-party...she was napping so she'd be ready for all the festivities!

Someone scored a lot of presents!  One spoiled little girl!

I might have melted when she gave her first dolly a big hug.

How perfect is a sunshine CareBear for our little sunshine!?!

 As for our family motto...for a long time I was saying that it was simply "we thrive on chaos"...but I think the real truth is "we thrive on chaos and love" in this house.

Little Brooke, I'm so lucky to be your mommy and absolutely adore seeing the sibling bond between you and Brianne and Bryce....and you certainly have your daddy's love too.

Happy Happy One Year Birthday to this little sunshine of mine!

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