Sunday, February 10, 2013

Canadian Visitors!

Aunt Ashleigh and Will Visit Texas!

We were thrilled to have Ashleigh and Will come stay with us for a long weekend.  We kept them super busy - between touring the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, exploring Dallas and the new Perot Museum, enjoying the Stock Show Parade, spending the day at the zoo, dining at Simply Fondue....not to mention trying to keep up with Brianne and Bryce.  It was a busy few days - but I think we all had a blast!

Ashleigh and Will - Thank You soooo much for traveling down here - and for babysitting the little ones on Martin Luther King day!  Hope you hurry on back here to see us!! :)  Also - a huge thank you for taking such great photos!!!!  Most of the photos features in this post were be taken by Will or Ashleigh....thus explaining why they are so much nicer than the snapshots I typically take!

The Perot Museum

I was bummed that I was stuck working while they all headed to Dallas.  Definitely looks like I'll want to try and make my way to the new museum one of these days...they said it was quite the time!

Dallas - Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive

 The Stock Show Parade

Photography Lesson from Will

A Day at the Fort Worth Zoo

Photography lesson from Aunt Ashleigh

There is a photo of Mark when he was just about this this same pose....need to find it and compare. :)

 Chillin' at the House

Welcome to our new Storybook Cottage! :)

Thank you Uncle BJ and Auntie Beth for the Blue Jays shirts!!

Checking out all the new books!!

Thank you so much Aunt Amy for this Christmas story!!!  :)

 Thanks so much for traveling down to visit us, Ashleigh and Will!!!  We will be Canada bound at some point this summer - looking forward to seeing you guys then!!!

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  1. Great post Adrienne! Thank you soo much for going through the 1000's of photos :)
    It was awesome to come visit and see the sites. Thank you for finding time and energy to take in and two more big kids (and feed them so well :)