Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stock Show and Rodeo

Texas Fun

I'm horribly behind on my blog updates....but trying to catch up!

Grandma Suzie arrived to town and we are so excited she is doing a trial move-to-Texas for the next few months!  She is helping us out with the kiddos so much - we are putting her to work and love seeing the little one's laughing and playing with her! 

We enjoyed a day at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo!  There is just something too stinkin' cute about a little boy in jeans and boots!!

We had a great day at the Stock Show and Rodeo!  A big THANK YOU to the Fort Worth DADS (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome) for arranging this event and offering discount tickets!!!

Other Happenings and Things that Make me Smile


Seeing the kiddos with Stan...Bryce was laughing so hard while he sat up here sharing blueberries :)

awesome pic -  2 pug behinds for an added bonus

The island counter tops are no longer safe since this kid climbs the bar stools....pens are dangerous items that should not be left here.....hasn't happened yet - but the day he swipes a pen and writes on the walls or cabinets is likely getting closer....

Silly Putty!!

Water Color Painting - a fun activity that isn't too messy!

Shocking....little lady had no interest in painting and just wanted 'Signing Times'.....

Masterpiece - perhaps Bryce had a lil' bit of help with this.

Lil' rockstar....crazy hair!

 A few more posts that will hopefully be coming soon and then I'll be caught up........we've been crazy busy so I've fallen behind...I hope to put together a recap of our Cozumel trip soon.....stay tuned!

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