Friday, March 1, 2013


A Week In the Sun and Sand!

We were thrilled to have the chance to spend an amazing week in beautiful Cozumel!   We had the kiddos with us, but we also had built-in babysitters because my parents were there too!  It was great to be able to spend quality time with my parents, and to see the little ones bonding with Grandma and Grandpa.

We managed to get a few group photos - my dad said he wanted 6 heads in the photo :)

Ready to go!
Hello Cozumel!!!  Spent the week at The Cozumeleno.  I love all-inclusives!!!! :)

My lil' beach babe
My beach bums

Being in a hotel room means that they don't just play quietly in their cribs - they wake up and Brianne would immediately say "Hi!  UP, UP, UP!!!" - but her precious voice and smile are a nice start to the day.  We'd let them out of their cribs and the sound of little bare feet slapping against the cool tile floor of our hotel room was a sweet  sound too.

Chillin' with Grandpa - enjoying the last bit of an icecream cone

 Bryce was a professional ice cream cone eater by the end of the trip since there was a self-serve machine to make your own yummy treat!


Bryce was thrilled to have a chance to play putt-putt.  The course was sooooo hazardous with steps and slippery spots and concrete ledges. We had lots of close calls with Bryce stumbling we didn't get to play as much as the little guy would have liked. :)

Wrestling Match in the Pack-and-Play

We would bring the pack-and-play down to our shade hut every day at the beach....with hopes that the kiddos might nap in there.  They seemed to think it was their very own wrestling arena...

 The great part about having my parents there was that Mark and I enjoyed a few dinner dates at the fancy restaurant at our resort.   After dinner one night we found them all enjoying some time on the hammocks.
Cruddy picture - but they were too stinkin' cute hanging out here!
Checking out the Game Room. :)

Ping Pong Lessons for Bryce

Fun in the Sun and Sand

 Bryce was loving all the fresh fruit!

MOM!!!!!!!!  There's SAND on my HANDS!!!!!!

 Who knew that the secret ingredient for getting sand cleared off is BABY POWDER???  It works like magic!!!!!  A huge thank you to the people who let me in to this secret!!!  I will NEVER go to the beach without baby powder again!!!

Feeding the Fish!
Take bread out in the water and you were swarmed by fish!

Dad - don't let them nibble on my toes!!

 Splish Splash!

B drinking a 'Mickey Mouse' - aka:  Coca Cola with a bunch of grenadine that they called 'fruit punch' - aka: sugar overload!

A  'Down Syndrome Footprint' - Individuals with DS typically have a larger gap between the big toe and 2nd toe!

Day out On the Fury

While I chickened out from going on a diving trip, we did leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa for an afternoon while we went off on a catamaran tour that included snorkeling and a stop for a beach party.  It was a fabulous time - so very thankful for my parents for taking on the dynamic duo so we could enjoy a kid-free-fun-filled afternoon!

The snorkeling was pretty good - we saw a gigantic spotted ray - very neat.  I was a bit bummed that I missed the sea turtle that Mark saw....that's what I get for sticking close to the guide while Mark ventured further off.  After snorkeling we made a short stop at a private beach.  Mark and I bee-lined for the giant inflatables when we got there - the big ol' slide was great!  After that we chowed down on the lunch and then it was back on the boat.  It was a beautiful sunset...but the dolphins that I wanted to come jumping by didn't appear....but at least they did make an appearance by swimming past the hotel on our last day there.

The big ol' inflatable slide was oodles of fun!


When we'd maxed out on fun in the sun we checked out the kid's club - tons of fun toys to keep the kids busy!

Balloons!  They were for decorations at the Superbowl Party

Watchin' Nemo :)

Trip to Town

We ventured into town one evening.  Neat to look around and browse at the shops.

More Pics

Playground Time!

 So what if this ladder is missing a rung - I'm still gonna scamper up it.

Adios, Cozumel!

 It may not have been the most relaxing time (two kiddos in and out of swim diapers all day is a tough task!), but it sure was packed full of fun and laughs!!!  Watching the kiddos explore the sand and grow braver and braver in the water was priceless.  I hope we can get away again for another family fun trip in the not-to-distant future!!!


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  1. What a great trip. Looks like you all had a great time down there with Grandma and Grandpa.