Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back To School

First Day Back To KinderFrogs!
It's been over a month - so I suppose it's time to get a recap of Brianne's first day in the Pre-K class at Kinderfrogs!!  This is a big transition from the Toddler class - big girl has to carry in her own backpack - and this is the year we start working on potty training.........wish us luck - and patience - and a sense of humor - and more patience - and persistence....and heck - we'll get there!  

 Brianne was super excited to be back at school.  She's loving her new class and all her teachers and friends.  We are so thrilled she's a KinderFrog!

Little lady has already grown so much in the first month of school!

Additional Stuff I've Failed To Put In the Blog In a Timely Manner

Zoo Times!

 We've been putting our zoo membership to good use - especially now that the Fort Worth Zoo has TWO baby elephants!! 

Bryce LOVES the Zoo Train!

More From the Family Photo Shoot in the Botanical Gardens

 Snack time - shoveling pretzels in your mouth makes for some great photos........but it did allow me to snap this pic of their little feet dangling - LOVE it.


Summer Swimming!

 We were thrilled to have my friend Kristen come visit for a weekend!  She used to be a swim instructor  so she had lots of great tips for us.  Brianne and Bryce are little fish these days!  Hope she gets back to Texas soon!

Tutu swimsuit - Too Too Cute! 

We are super thankful that Grandma Suzie has such a nice pool at her place!  The kids love spending time with Grandma at the pool.  Thanks so much for hosting all our swim parties, Grandma!!

 Fort Worth Science Museum

Additional Happenings...

Staten Island Meets Fort Worth!

 I was super excited that one of my best college friends made it to Fort Worth for a weekend visit!  We had a great time catching up!  Hurry back and visit us again, Liz!!!

Making Cookies!

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