Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Visits!

Since those pesky jobs are what brought us to Texas...we don't have family here local....and that's the pits.  Skype is great so we can keep in touch and they can see how much the kids are growing, but it's such a treat when family makes it to town to visit!

My sister flew in from Florida, and it was really enjoyable to see Bryce and Brianne spending quality time with their Auntie!

We trekked to the TCU-WVU football game and tried to ignore the fact that my sister was proudly sporting her Mountaineer attire and cheering for the wrong team.....but since she's a WVU Alumni - we let her get away with those shenanigans.  Both kids will exclaim "Go Frogs!" and "TCU" at least they weren't swayed by silly Auntie!

Super Frog was hoping Bryce would share his snack....Bryce wasn't going for it.

Grandma and Grandpa B In Town!

My parents arrived before my sister shipped out - so it was a real treat to have us all together - even if it was for just one afternoon!  We made it to the park to throw rocks in the water (one of our new favorite activities!) and then grilled steaks - not a bad way to spend a Sunday with the family!

It is truly priceless to see the little ones smiling and laughing with Grandma and Grandpa.  There was lots of story time, building blocks, puzzles, and trips to the park involved.

Bryce loves to have his hands and feet traced - and Grandpa did a great job sizing up his feet!

Little ones are loving story time with Grandma!

He loves his puzzles!  It's always "I want to try again" as soon as he finishes one!

Love this!  Zoo Carousel with Grandpa!

Over The Edge for SOTX 

I had the thrill of going 'Over The Edge' for Special Olympics of Texas.  Wowzers - rappeling down an 18 story building...I can now cross that off my bucket list.  It was far scarier than I anticipated...but also a fun and thrilling time.  I was thankful to have the opportunity to partake in this adventure that helps raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics!

More family arrives in just a few days!  We are looking forward to seeing the Canadian grandparents down here to enjoy a week with us!  Hope they are rested up and ready for the dynamic duo!

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