Monday, December 9, 2013

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone!  My Canadian In-Laws make the trek down to Texas - and we loved having the company!  Brianne and Bryce were ecstatic to have Grandpa (who they insist is named 'Pappa') and Nana here!  Thank you so much for spoiling us with delicious meals, babysitting, helping around the house, and for joining us for a week!  So great to see you - hurry up and get back here whenever you can!

I wish I could have bottled the giggles and laughter from the kids while Grandpa had the Clifford puppet going!
The 'kids' building a block tower


Big celebration for our little boy - he's potty trained!!!  Way to go, Bryce!!!!  

 Pie Making Time!

We had a bit of an untraditional Thanksgiving since the guys headed to the Cowboys game - but we still enjoyed watching the Macy's Day Parade and then had our Turkey Dinner on Friday.  I debated about whether to go with store bought pies, or home made......and I'm so thankful I opted to go for the home made version that my mom taught me to make!  The little ones were great helpers and seemed to enjoy their first pie making experience!

I failed to get pictures of the final master pieces - but let's say that pumpkin, cherry, and chocolate peanut butter pies were delightful treats!  And honestly - my pies are never that pretty - so I was glad I could give 'credit' to the little helpers!

Thanksgiving Cowboys Game

Mark and his dad experienced the traditional Thanksgiving Cowboys game and enjoyed checking out Jerry's world.

TCU vs. Baylor Game

It's not uncommon for Brianne or Bryce to randomly exclaim "GO Frogs" or "TCU" - and Bryce loves to ask where Super Frog is...we might have entered into the 'we bleed purple' club.  Not sure what we'll do now that the football season is coming to an end....might have to see if we can turn into basketball fans!

Someone was excited about the football daddy bought for them!
Cheering on her Horned Frogs!
So very thankful our little one is a KinderFrog! 

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we sure hope Grandpa and Nana will hurry back to see us!

Night Night!

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