Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bryce's Bday Bash - 3 Years Old!

Lil' buddy turned THREE - not sure how those years flew by so fast - but it's been quite the time!

We celebrated at the Glenview Church in the fabulous Indoor Play Area that they have.  Bryce was excited to invite lots of friends, including daycare buddies, and we were thrilled that so many of them joined us for the party!  Bryce was super happy that his best buddy that had recently moved and left his daycare made it to the party.  The two of them are trouble together and act more like brothers...but they were inseparable at the party and it really helped make it a special event for him!

 Horrible picture quality...partly due to a cruddy camera, partly due to a lack of photography skillz, and partly due to kids that were on the move!  But blurry pictures are better than no pictures...

 The play area was a big tree house with lots of tunnels and slides - so the kids did a lot of running and climbing - and they were ready for cake and treats after all that exercise.

When we sang Happy Birthday to him, he froze and had a look of awe on his face.  I think he was taking it all in and felt like a special birthday boy should!  Such a fun age to see him thriving on all the b-day attention and excited to share the day with good friends!

A HUGE thank you to our friend, neighbor, and super skilled photographer for capturing the b-day singing moment and the priceless look on Bryce's face.

This picture is my favorite!  Thank you Allison!!! :)

Failed attempt at a family photo. At least we tried....

Bryce was pretty enthusiastic about all his fancy new birthday gifts!
Big boy had mastered his balance bike and he was asking for a bike with he was pretty thrilled about his new wheels!

It is such a treat to celebrate these milestones!  I'm such a lucky momma to have such an amazing little three year old!!  Love you Bryce!

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