Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Inclusion!

We enrolled Brianne in the same daycare where Bryce is going while KinderFrogs was out for the summer.  It was scary to send her off, but we figured it would be good for her to be immersed in a class of  'typical' kids, and it was for just over a month.  Happy to report that it went GREAT!

Brianne adjusted really well to her new class.  I think it was hardest on Bryce since we would drop them off in the same class in the morning, but shortly after that Brianne would go to the 'big kid classroom' and Bryce would tell us he was sad when she left.

Checking out the classroom pet, Dora the Hamster
Brianne would come home and tell me the names of a few of her new friends, and she typically seemed busy and engaged when I would pick her up.  I am so thankful that the teachers welcomed her to the classroom with such enthusiasm and reassured me that she was doing great and was fitting right in.

I loved seeing the pictures from the 4th of July parade posted to a bulletin board!  Brianne came home that day and said "March, March!" :)

When it was time to return to KinderFrogs, they truly seemed sad to see her go and said she's welcome back any time!  Her class made a gigantic card for her with all their hand prints that said "We'll Miss You Brianne" - so sweet!
Super cute card - and a bonus pug behind

Brianne has come with me to pick up Bryce a few times and one day we were walking out and a little boy from her old class saw her and said "Hi Brianne, I haven't seen you in a while" - when I told him that B was only there for the summer he seemed genuinely sad that she wouldn't be back, and other times Brianne has seen old friends and they have given her big hugs - so it was very uplifting to see that she made new friends!

I know that a huge part of why she did so well was because of all the hard work and high expectations that KinderFrogs has set for her.  We are so very luck that she is able to attend this school where all of the staff understand that people with Down syndrome face challenges, but that they look past them and set the bar high and push each student to excel.  I know the clock is ticking away until B graduates from KinderFrogs.   We will eventually have to leave this safe bubble and venture out to new territory where we will have to actively advocate and may need to explain to teachers and staff why our child can do things and help them to see that Down syndrome is just a part of who she is.  It will be scary - but I know that we'll get thru it.  This summer's trial run with inclusion was a wonderful first experience of dipping our toes in and testing the waters.   I am so very proud of my little lady!!

First day back to KinderFrogs! 
Little girl knew just how to check in and was ready to go!

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