Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch-Up Time!

Summer fun has been in full force.  Picked up B from school last week and we dropped by the zoo - have I mentioned that I LOVE our zoo membership!  Can't beat stopping in and enjoying a snack of ice cream while watching fish and turtles and crazy gators. :) 

All the flamingos were chillin' on nests filled w/ eggs.....hoping we get to see some lil' flamingos when we come back next time!


I don't know how daycare manages to feed Bryce and keep him in the same clothes all day....he sure loves to eat.....but he's not too worried about making a mess!

 Dining For Down Syndrome!

The Buffalo Wild Wings in Arlington donates a portion of your bill to the Down Syndrome Partnership one day a month.  We finally made it out that way....great food for a great cause - love it!   We'll be heading back again when they do this...Fort Worth peeps - stay tuned - we hope you'll join us!

Other Fun....

Love our library books!

Blueberry pancakes.....yum

Did i mention we are messy lil' eaters!

Daddy and Son.....LOVE

Summer Essentials - Swimming and Popsicles

While our $20 inflatable pool in the backyard isn't too shabby...we were very thankful to our friend for letting us enjoy an afternoon at her community pool!   The kids had a blast splashing around! 


Enjoyed an evening of family fun strolling around Cabela's.  Great aquarium and lots of animals to keep the kiddos entertained.  Definitely a good way to get out and about for some free entertainment - in a nice air conditioned place! :) 

Daddy and B - LOVE!

Hey - don't talk about the elephant in the room :)

The news has been depressing lately - this world is a big nutty and scary place.   I've been hugging my kiddos a lot lately.......snuggling them a bit tighter......and just trying to soak up all the goodness of their laughter and smiles.  They are such amazing little ones and I am so thankful to be their mom!  Loving every minute with them - even if it's a sticky icky kiddo in need of a bath....or if it's a game of rock-paper-scissor with Mark to see who gets to change the super stink diaper....wouldn't trade the great job of being a mom for anything!!!

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