Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Steps

Watch out folks....Bryce is taking steps!


He'll bravely take 3 or 4 steps before tumbling to his knees.  I am so excited to see my little guy reach this milestone! And yes - I'm also terrified because I know this means he'll soon be off and running!

It's also a moment to step back and watch him fill the role of pseudo-big brother since Brianne is not yet to the walking phase.  She will get there when she's ready- and I'm sure Bryce will be a good motivator as she watches him cruising around.  In the meantime - sister is mastering her own method of getting around.  She's got the Mowgli Bear Cub Walk down - and you can't help but smile when you see it!

Brianne has another's one of those things where you don't want to encourage the activity - but you certainly need to get a picture before you try to tell your child not to do it anymore..... :) Presenting my little contortionist - who thinks a shelf on the entertainment center is her personal play space......

FYI - kids with Down syndrome are CRAZY flexible. :)

Champions Day!

Hawaiian Falls, a local water park, sponsored 'Champions Day' - an amazing day where individuals with Special Needs got in FREE, and their family members only had to pay $ of course we had to go check it out.   We all loved floating around the lazy river.  The wave pool was also a favorite - the kids smiled and giggled as the waves crashed while sitting at the waters edge.  I had thought Mark was a little crazy for bringing the pack-and-play.....CRAZY SMART is what i concluded.  The kids had a great time wrestling and giggling in that - and it gave us a way to have our hands free for a minute.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Hawaiian Falls for this great day!

Did I mention there was giggling and wrestling in the pack-and-play?

The result of a day at the water park = serious naps!

Other Fun

Best Friends!

Best Friends - and more wrestling :)

Love this girl!  Brushing her teeth is exciting now that she has a mouthful of teeth! :)

We caved - we have a Keurig....LOVE it!

Pugs enjoyed a day at the Doggy Spa

My girl's laughter - one of the sweetest sounds ever!

We are staying busy - and trying to stay cool as the crazy Texas heat starts to creep in.  Loving the quality time with the kiddos and hubby! 

What are you doing to beat the heat and enjoy the summer??

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