Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Fun

We're keeping busy.  Attempting to be healthier....which is no small task when I want to eat oodles of chocolate and carbs.....but trying to swap in more veggies and fruits.  Also trying to get to the gym more.  Tried out a Pilates class last week.........and after 10 minutes I was waved out of the class since Brianne was crying in the Kids Club - I think she knew I needed to be saved from that madness Seriously - 10 minutes of class (pretty much just the 'warm up') and i was sore for 3 days!?  Hope to go back and see if i can last for 20 minutes next time. :)  Saturday morning I tried out Zumba for the first time - and it was quite least for the first 20 minutes - until i was waved out of class again since Bryce was wailing....guess those kids don't want me working out.  But we'll keep trying....

Friday night was "Breakfast" dinner w/ friends - fun!  I tried out a recipe for French Toast Casserole I found on Pinterest.....soooo delicious!  And I was very proud of my little girl who ate her oatmeal on her own while I prepared the french toast!

Little girl chowing down in the background while I made this yumminess!

French Toast Casserole Recipe HERE!

I Love Saturday Mornings!

Kids in jammies on Saturday mornings make me happy.
Sesame Street!

Saturday mornings are great for catching up on e-mail :)

Crazy Coupe Accident - thankfully it must rate high in it's crash ratings since nobody was injured. :)

It's always a bit of a sad chore to clear out the kiddos closets of the outfits they have outgrown. :(  But it does let me reflect on how lucky we are to have AMAZING friends that have handed down soooo many ridiculously adorable outfits!   And the fun side of revamping the closet is finding all the new outfits the kids can wear!


Perhaps you had noticed that Bryce was sporting a shaggy hair-do.......finally convinced Mark that it was time for another hair cut for the little guy.
Bye-bye Shaggy!

Clean-cut and o-so-cute!

 Shopping for Shades!

Sunday Mornings are Pretty Great Too!

Bryce feeding the crazy pug....his favorite new game....which Oompa loves to play too!

Very excited that my Sunday paper subscription is renewed!


This just makes me smile....and I swear - the tag on those shorts says 12 months! :)


We had a great time celebrating our friend's 2nd b-day bash!  Happy Birthday to little Miss Kayla!  Thanks for inviting us to your Jungle for an afternoon of food and fun and friends!

The kids had a great time playing in the watering holes! :)

This picture makes me laugh...pretty sure B is fake smiling. :)

LOVE this little guy!

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