Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation Update - Part IV

Girl's Weekend in FLORIDA!

This is the last vacation post for quite some time.....I promise!  This was a long weekend trip that Brianne and I took to Fort Myers to visit my college roommate, her sister, the rest of her family, and my sis.

We flew in Friday night....the plane ride wasn't dreadful - but it wasn't the most fun thing either.  Definitely glad that we aren't planning to get on a plane again until Christmas time!

Saturday we headed to Sanibel for some quality time at the beach.  Glad we had a spot in the shade.  Brianne enjoyed splashing in the water...and trying to eat shells.

The girls had brought their paddle board and they gracefully made their way around the little island we were on...meanwhile let's just say it's impressive that I tried it at all....and stood up for a few good seconds before losing my balance and making a splash as I tumbled into the water.   :)  If only I lived in Florida I could have more practice and get better at such sports!

We then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger.
Somebody tried to drink my entire milkshake...chocolate raspberry - I really didn't want to share with her!

Crazy beach hair - but gotta love that her kid's meal came in a lil' car

O-Florida.......I miss you!

Saturday night we headed over to Kristen's house for a gal's night. It was VERY nice of Allie's sister, Carolyn, to take Brianne home with her so that we could go out for an evening of fun.  Carolyn's daughter, Maggie, was very excited to have Brianne over for a 'sleepover'.    It was great to have a gal's night out - it has been a VERY long time since I've closed down a bar....but I should know such things will occur when I'm with my sister and the Delizia girls!
Girl's Night!
Sunday morning we rolled out of bed and enjoyed some coffee before going to meet back up with my lil' girl.  She was having a great time with her new friend Maggie (who was giving her lessons on all the Disney princesses!) and Brianne introduced them to Baby Signing Times.   We took all the kiddos to their community pool and enjoyed some more Florida sunshine.

Brianne and her friend Maggie

Kristen used to teach swimming lessons....so she gave Brianne a few pointers.

I was very impressed that by the end of the vacation Brianne was blowing bubbles like a little champ.

Sunday night was Pizza night - and all of the nieces and nephews were together (7 of them plus Brianne) made for a full house!  Brianne sat at the kids table like a big girl!

Brianne hanging with the big kids
Monday was wedding venue searching for Allie.  We looked at a handful of places....hoping she'll hurry up and decide on a place and date so we'll know when we get to come back for that celebration!

Brianne enjoyed cruising in the golf cart for touring one potential venue

We took a quick break to put our toes in the water...

We looked at some beautiful potential wedding locations for Allie...now she has the tricky job of picking one! :)  Whenever/wherever she chooses - we will be there!!!!!

Tuesday was our last day in the Sunshine state - Brianne and I took a nice morning swim.  Then we headed out to lunch and Brianne was a MESS.  Whiny, cranky, angry, throwing food.....but apparently she just had to get all of the terrible-twos-tantrum out of her system so she could be a gem on the plane ride.

THANK YOU Delizias for such a fabulous weekend!!!!!!  Brianne and I had a blast!!

She was a good little traveler...
But I'm thankful we don't have to get on an airplane any time soon!

It was great to get away...but it was great to get back!  I'd missed my husband and my little guy Bryce. 

Bryce and Mark stayed busy while we were off playing in the sun.  They cruised the neighborhood in the Crazy Coupe.

Mark also tackled the mountain of laundry I left behind...that was a nice treat!  Apparently it exhausted them though....looks like a nap was needed to recover from their chores!

 Summer travels are DONE....we're back to work and attempting to get back into a normal routine....stay tuned to see how that goes. :)

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