Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Update - Part III

Country Relaxin' In Randolph

We left Canada and drove down to my parent's place in wonderful Western NY.  I love my home town....and I loved being there in the summer since usually I'm only there for a visit at Christmas  when we're wading thru snow!  There was tons of sunshine that allowed for lots of quality time outside.

 Love this view of my parent's house! What a wonderful place to spend a week!


Walking practice for the little lady!
The kids enjoyed splashing around in the pool!

Old Highchair

My dad managed to pull my old high chair out of the attic - so it was neat to see the kids in that!

Lil' me enjoying a pudding pop!

Visit to Grandma Bissell 

We stopped down to visit my Grandma - it's always so nice to see her.  The kiddos loved exploring Great Grandma's room - and enjoyed story time with her!


Pat-A-Cake Smiles

My parents scored some fantastic toys for the kiddos at garage sales!  They had a blast with all the new toys!

 We were thrilled to meet my friend Missy's son, Carsten. :)   Watching our kids run around together was entertaining.

Wagon Rides

Grandpa and Bryce shared some special time together on a few wagon rides.  Like the highchair - this was from my childhood days! An old classic that I'm sure he carted me around in. :)

LOVE this!


Prepping the Pig - Mark utilizing his fancy new knife from BJ and Beth's wedding :)
Bryce supervising the Pig Preparations
Cooking of the pig started at about 8pm on Friday night - and it was done by 2pm Saturday.  Many thanks to my husband and my sister for taking the night shift of monitoring the pig cooker - and to my dad for relieving them of their duties around 4:30am.  :)  Also a huge thanks to my parents for all the hard work they did to put this fantastic party together!  Everyone had so much fun - it was great to see family and friends that I hadn't seen in way too long.

Bryce and Brianne supervising the tent set-up

Bryce and Brianne Supervising the Pig Cooking :)

Pig is DONE!

Guys hard at work slicing up the meat - in the rain. :)
Badminton Fun - Brianne was the Ref

Brianne having quality time with Great Grandma (GiGi) Mary!

It was a wonderful trip, filled with quality time with family and lots of relaxing and sunshine.  Wish we could get up there more often for visits!!

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Still so sad that I missed you guys :(