Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer Happenings

Splash Pads Galore!

We've been enjoying the splash pads - I've heard they often shut them off after Labor Day....so we've been trying to utilize them as much as possible while we can.

Mowgli Bear Walk is out in full force at the splash pad

 Swinging and Sliding is also tons of fun at McPherson Park.

Double cuteness!

We were super excited to hear that a SplashPad opened up right down the street from us!  Whites Branch Park  It was a bit crowded - but we enjoyed having a pizza dinner there followed by the kids splashing in the water. It took Bryce a little while to decide that it was fun - but before long he was loving it.


A little girl befriended Brianne...and joined her in the Mowgli Bear Cub walk.  Cracked me up - and I just love watching my kids make friends!

Pumpkin Goodness

My favorite sign that Summer is nearing an end is when various pumpkin treats start showing up.

We've been indulging in some pumpkin beer.
And some pumpkin coffee!
And of course you can count on Pinterest to provide some of the greatest/easiest pumpkin recipes!  I made pumpkin muffins.......the recipe called for just two ingredients:  Box of yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  Of course I had to throw in some chocolate chips for good measure.  Simple and delicious....yes - I think I'll be making these agains!!!  Pumpkin Muffin Recipe


Aunt Kerri made the kids some AMAZING quilts....each square is something different - perfect for playing ISPY with my little eye. 

Other Happenings

Picked up Bryce from daycare to find he'd stumbled coming down the slide....guessing it was quite the face plant from the looks of his nose. 
Poor lil' dude - it's finally starting to look better!    

The next day they had another incident report for me to sign..........this time it read that he'd hit a friend with a puzzle piece and the friend responded by biting him.......toddler times are tough!  I have a feeling we are to the stage when parenting gets really fun......and challenging!

Skyping with Grandma Suzie - she had the kids clapping along with her and singing songs.  Skype is so wonderful for keeping in touch with the grandparents!!!

We ventured out to Decatur on Sunday night for a friend's B-day dinner at Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes.  The kiddos enjoyed relaxing on the bench...and we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner!

Lucy Fest!

I was thankful to get a free pass for Saturday afternoon.  Mark took the kiddos to the zoo - and I headed out to a local winery with the girls for Lucy Fest to enjoy some grape crushing!

Confession:  I've never really watched I Love Lucy - but I did look up the great stomping scene on YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The dress code called for a skirt, a bandana, and a blouse - it was fun seeing the various Lucy outfits!
The girls - we had a great time!
Pretty Lucy's
More pretty Lucy's
Mr. Lucy :)
Squishy grapes!

Spray down after squishing grapes is an essential part of the process

Feet in the grapes!

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