Monday, December 30, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

 Texas Weather....

One day the kids were outside blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk - no jackets needed and I was wearing flip-flops....the next day the temperature dropped and we were iced in...

Little boy was very concerned that the kickball was going to blow away and not come back...
I want to go back inside!  I'm cold!

Terrified or having fun?  She said "AGAIN" when she got to the let's say she's enjoying it!

Crazy that just the day before we'd been blowing bubbles?  And I'm sad we failed to take other bubbles out into the ice to see if they really do freeze like I saw on Pinterest????? Somebody please let me know if this really works!!! :)

 By the last ice day he cracked a smile and seemed to be happier outside...

Snow Ice Men

So what do you do while iced in??

There was lots of time spent in jammies....and tv and technology time...

But we also tried to stay busy with some other fun...
 Measure up to Super Frog


Break out the Christmas decorations!   This was our first year not traveling for the Holidays so we were excited to set up the tree with the little helpers!

 Stamping and drawing

Keeping Micky hydrated...

We were thankful for the time to just stay home and enjoy some quiet time.  I tend to be guilty of keep the calendar pretty jam packed - so it was a nice change to have to slow down and just relax...and not go anywhere...a nice little pre-holiday break.  When it was time to head back to school and work, Bryce declared that he didn't want to go to school, he wanted to "stay home in his jammies all day" I think it's safe to say he enjoyed the break!


Christmas update to come!  It's been fabulous - stay tuned!


  1. Did you all manage to get the boxes and boxes of Disney ornaments on the tree too? We travel for Christmas every year too so I can sympathize with your lack of desire to put out decorations for just two weeks of enjoyment.

  2. Chris - we did manage to get all of the Disney ornaments on the tree!! Only casualty was that Mickey Mouse lost a finger and foot - but nothing a little glue can't fix! We did NOT attempt to bring out or set-up the giant Christmas village.....perhaps in a few years when the kids are older we'll try that....but not any time soon!