Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pictures and Catch Up

Fun at the Park!

Best Friends!

How I'm loving watching the two of them play together.  They giggle and  shriek with excitement, and they push and shove and wrestle, but they love each other and it is such a treat to see their sibling bond blossoming.

 Love when they grow into toys.  The other day I was blown away when they sat down with this toy and they both started correctly placing each piece with the matching color.   Have I mentioned that I love Melissa and Doug toys???


We joined some fellow members of the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas at ICE!  The favorite part was probably just seeing the hotel lights and miniature train.  While I initially thought it was such a deal that my kiddos are of an age that didn't require purchasing a ticket, we quickly realized this is because kiddos aren't impressed with putting on some giant parka and entering a freezing building with lots of people - even if there is a bunch of ice sculptures.  The giant ice slide helped lighten the mode a bit....but Brianne was telling us she was done from the time we entered the ICE exhibit.

Grinning and bearing it

This picture pretty much sums up how Brianne felt about ICE...

Team Madison 5K/1K Run For Down Syndrome!

One of Brianne's fellow classmates put together a 5k/1k Run For Down Syndrome - so we happily headed out to this since it was promoting awareness about Down syndrome and raising funds for KinderFrogs!  It was a very chilly morning, but we bundled up and we partook in the 1k.

Chugging hot cocoa!
 After the run, we headed to Chic-Fil-A for a quick breakfast and to let the little ones run off some more energy.  This was the most delightful cup of coffee I've enjoyed in a LONG time.  The indoor playground was just the right size for them so they were happily (and safely!) playing while I sat back and watched and sipped happily on my coffee - it was a little bit of paradise.

Additional Cuteness and Happenings

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