Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy, Busy Weekend!

O-what a weekend it was!  I think I finally understand why my dad always said he needed to "go back to work to rest up!"

Saturday was a trek to the library for Toddler Story time with "Mr. Jim" (chances are good that Mr. Jim is a long lost cousin of Mr. Rogers...).  The kids seemed entertained by the singing and dancing - so hopefully we can partake in the remaining 3 sessions.  If you are in the Fort Worth area and have a toddler - you should totally plan to join us!

I love the library.   They have a great selection of fun kids cd's..."Where is Thumbkin, Where is Thumbkin" was our jam for the ride home. :) 

The library also has great DVDs...old school Sesame Street was our selection.  The kids liked watching it - and I loved it.  Since I grew up with only 3 tv stations (ABC, CBS, and NBC) I believe I was deprived of this as a's amazing I managed to survive without it....  :)

Happy Mother's Day!

I still find it unbelievable that I am a mom...harder yet to believe that I'm the mom to TWO amazing kiddos.  I found myself today just thinking how lucky I am that Brianne and Bryce are mine - love them sooo much!  And while being a mom is the hardest job in the world - I'm convinced it's also the BEST job in the world.  While the mountains of laundry and never ending pile-up of dishes and chores could drag us mom's down - we don't let it.  We push thru the clothes folding and counter cleaning and focus on the good stuff:  quality time with the kiddos.  Seeing Brianne learn new things, hearing Bryce giggle, watching the two of them play together (which lately has become fighting over toys....) - that is the kind of good stuff that I can't get enough of.

The good stuff for today was lots of family fun.  Delicious french toast for breakfast - compliments of the hubby.   Opening a belated b-day gift created tons of entertainment!

Warning:  Disregard the dog barking away during this entire video clip....anyone want a pug? :)
 Rockin' Elmo is great! :)   Thank you Auntie Michelle and Uncle Mike!!


Then checking out Dog Agility World Championships - those dogs (and doggie owners!) had serious skillz!  Brianne LOVED watching the dogs zig and zag and leap around the arena.    

Me and My Girl

Daddy and Bryce

Yes - that sign really says "Therapeutic Canine Massage" - and that dog is enjoying such a thing.  Craziness....but after seeing the hard work of these dogs - I'd say they deserve this!

Relaxed around the house for the afternoon - and the kids 'helped' fold the laundry.

Dinner was a picnic at a local park.  Tried out our new  bubble machine and enjoyed lots of laughs on the swings. 

Tuckered out!

So yes....I do believe it's now time to go back to work so I can rest up!

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  1. Wow... y'all were busy! I too had the basic TV channels but we managed to have PBS and our fair share of Sesame Street. Can't believe these two are growing so fast!