Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend, Sweet Weekend

Kiddos crawling in opposite directions.....both getting into trouble. :)  It's exhausting chasing them around!  Who wants to come help us kid proof the house?

Saturday lunch was a Picnic/Crawfish Boil.  The kids and I enjoyed hot dogs - and Mark braved the crawfish. :) 

Saturday afternoon was the B-B Down Syndrome Ranch Round Up.  Likely the greatest event EVER. :)  So many families out enjoying a day of pony rides, hay rides, petting zoo....and more!
 Gotta love that our little lady's Buddy Walk poster was front and center at the entrance! :)  Glad she was able to welcome everyone!



                  There was a sandbox full of treasures    

There was fishing :)

And there was food! (and snow cones and cotton candy!)

Found out that Bryce REALLY likes watermelon!

So thankful we were able to partake in this great event!  So much fun was had!!!!! :)

Sunday Birthday Fun!

Love mornings with the kids in their PJ's and taking it easy.

Brianne loves her books!

Brianne is completely MESMERIZED by "Baby Signing Times" :) 

Horse Races!

Enjoyed the afternoon at the races.
Bryce gave me recommendations on who to bet on :)

Dinner at Red Lobster - Yum!

A day at the races was exhausting

Perfect ending to the day - Ice cream Cake.......soooo delicious!  What a wonderful weekend!  

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  1. You all did not stop all weekend long. I love how B is not just petting the goats through the fence, but sitting right in their pen with them! Hope you had a great birthday at the Races.