Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muffins With Mom!

 Today was a special treat!  'Muffins with Mom' at Brianne's school!  Loved spending the morning with her...and eating a delicious breakfast. 

Brianne goes to Kinderfrogs.  It's a program dedicated to help out little ones with Down Syndrome. She's only been going since January - and in that time she's learned soooo much!  This is an AMAZING school and I'm sure one day I will dedicate an entire post about how great it is and attempt to do it justice.  But for now, let's just say that Kinderfrogs is right up there in my rankings of favorite places with Disney World.  :)  It's THAT good! 

Adorable gift from B!  Can't wait to try them out making some sweet treats!

 I think Brianne might have enjoyed the morning too. :)

A fun surprise - while making a pit-stop on the way home to stock up on baby necessities - I stumbled upon Black and White cookies!!!!  These were my FAVORITE when I lived in Long Island.  Whenever I went into the city I would always get one from a bakery at Penn Station before heading back.  The ones from today are itti-bitti-mini black and whites.......the real deal is GIGANTIC....but these are a pretty close substitute! 

And the real surprise from my day....I got home to have Mark tell me Bryce has a new trick.....little bugger is going at turbo speed w/ the walker toy!!!  Yikes!!!  How are we going to keep up w/ these kids?!!!!!! :)

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