Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gym Update

Step 1 - Join Gym

Step 2 - Go to the Gym

Step 2 is where I've been stuck for the past few weeks.....finally decided tonight I'd stop making excuses and pack up the kids and let them try out the Kids Club so I could get a much needed work-out.

Proof that going to the gym is hazardous to your health.....

Thank you old man for pulling out into my car..........but really - I would have been just fine if you would have kept your Kia to yourself.

Counting my lucky stars that it was only a little bump and that the kids were completely unaware of any mishap.
Happy little lady just wanted to hurry up and get to the gym to make new friends

Bryce slept right thru it.

So the simple conclusion was that I should have stayed home and eaten ice cream.....obviously going to the gym was a bad decision.  But my mindset told me that if I didn't continue on my journey to the gym that I would never attempt it again.....so we headed on to the gym after the little delay.

The kids seemed to have a great time at Kids Club.  Brianne wasn't shy and made friends with older kids - and I was impressed that Bryce was crawling happily around....so hopefully I can incorporate Step 2 into more of a routine....and that the drive there will be a little less exciting!

Brianne's daily note from the teacher said they are really working on having her feed herself independently...so since I knew bath time was going to be immediately following dinner....I left her to fend for herself - and she did great! :)

Bryce eats green beans like they are candy. :)  That being the case - I'm guessing he will love the home grown squash a co-worker gave me!   I just need to figure out how I want to prepare it.  Pinterest here I come to find a recipe....unless somebody has a wonderful suggestion on how I should fix this up?

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