Monday, July 2, 2012

School's Out!

 Summer Break!

 B is out of school for the summer!  Grandma Suzie is currently in town and the kiddos are having a wonderful time playing with her - and we are thankful to have the extra help!

Kiddos love computer time with Grandma - especially when she shares her IPAD! :)

Kinderfrogs Graduation

Friday night we went to watch 10 amazing kids graduate from Kinderfrogs.  Seeing those little ones decked out in purple graduation robes and caps was unbelievably wonderful. Those graduates are headed to Kindergarten and they are READY for it! 

I failed to get adorable pictures of the kids - so you'll have to settle for the program and the fancy Horned Frog cookies.

Library Fun

Enjoyed a trip to the library with Brianne.  We picked out lots of goodies and then worked on a few puzzles.

Couldn't wait to get home to read her book! :)

 Weekend Relaxin'

Saturday morning cartoons, anyone? 

 Date Night

Love a chance to wear my cowboy boots - and it's great to have Grandma in town to babysit!

Steaks and Stetsons - A fundraising dinner for the Special Olympics!
 Bell Helicopter sponsored a few tables at this dinner - so we were thrilled to be able to participate in this amazing dinner and fundraiser.  It was neat seeing some of the people we have met thru the Down Syndrome Partnership - and to meet new inspiring individuals.  

We had a great night out in the Stockyards!

This was right before I dropped the camera......thankfully it was only temporarily out of service and Mark fixed it. :)

Yay - the camera works again!

Sunday SplashPad Party!

We were thrilled to celebrate our friend Savannah's THIRD Birthday.  Cupcakes and Splashpad - what more could kiddos ask for?

What a fun place - and great way to stay cool in this Texas heat.  I have a feeling we'll be making a few more visits to the SplashPad!

And you have to love a dance party in the car on the way home!

Time Flies!

My lil' man is turning ONE in a few days....looking forward to a MONSTROUSLY good time at his birthday party!
Monster planning in progress!  Running out of time - I better kick it into high gear! :)
Stay tuned - next post will show all the b-day festivities!!!

Lil' man might just be full out walking by his Birthday....or soon there after!

Little Man playing w/ his new toy - an early B-day gift from our wonderful neighbors

Smiles - Have a Great Week!

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  1. I can't believe you're little guy will be one soon! Can't wait to see the party pics :)