Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Update - Part 1

It's always bittersweet getting home from vacation....the game of catch-up is exhausting...and it's tough getting back into work mode......but it's totally worth it for the time away.  Just returned from an amazing time in Canada and New York......I could really use another week to rest and get organized!

The trip started off a little rocky.  I learned (the hard way!) that you should ALWAYS check the expiration date on your passport....when you are at the airport with a 1 year old and all your luggage is NOT the time you want a gate agent to tell you that your passport expired a month ago.  Ooops - thankfully there is a location in Dallas where you can get a passport in 1 day as long as you have proof of pending travel..........and a few extra dollars to spare....On the positive side - it did give me and Bryce a day to spend in Dallas.  And we made the most of it!

Chillin' outside the Dallas office.....what should we do while we wait on the passport??? 

We had to wait 5 hours before picking up the passport.  So we visited the Dallas World Aquarium, had lunch (Bryce enjoyed his first Happy Meal!), and then stopped by the Dallas Public Library.  If that wasn't exhausting enough - we then picked up the passport and headed back to the airport for an 8pm flight to Toronto........thankfully the flight had extra seats so Bryce was able to have his own seat and we both managed to get some sleep!

Dallas World Aquarium

This place rocks - wish I had more pics to share - but my phone battery died...I actually resorted to buying one of those one-time use I'm anxiously awaiting getting those developed!

Definitely hope to get back here with the entire family....and a fully charged camera!

After we enjoyed the Aquarium we headed for lunch.  Guilty of letting Bryce enjoy his first happy meal.  He seemed to like it - well, he seemed to like the barbecue sauce at least!

After lunch we strolled over to the Dallas Public Library.  Wowzers - that place is HUGE.  We headed up to the 2nd floor which is entirely dedicated to the kiddos.  Would have liked to spend more time there....and was bummed that we had to skip out before the Lego Session that was going to take place!  Glad we got to spend some time there - and just makes me appreciate libraries even more!

Cruddy picture - but this was the center castle...completely full of board books for the little ones!

Airport Bound!

So after our slight delay - we made it back to the airport.  Very thankful that the flight went smoothly and Bryce was a gem to travel with. 

I hope to get around soon to put together a nice recap of the time in Canada and New York...stay tuned! :)  It was an amazing trip and some wonderful pictures will follow!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your passport excursion. Glad to hear that you only had a day delay before meeting up with Mark and Brianne.