Monday, July 9, 2012

July, July....How is it July already!?

Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Eve we went and enjoyed the festivities in Roanoke - they had a fun band playing, a cheap and yummy $3 dinner option, bounce houses, games  - and then fireworks!  Thankfully the Texas weather wasn't too outrageous - it was almost pleasant out!

Sitting around waiting for it to get dark.  Glad our friends joined us for the evening out!

Bryce giving out snuggles
Who wouldn't want to snuggle w/ this guy?!
Begging for cheerios and fruit snacks from dad

Brianne was all over the place.  She'd crawl off our blanket to go meet the people near by.   She made some good friends with these people.  I was happy when the little girl beside her climbed into our stroller later that night - made it seem a bit more acceptable that our daughter just made herself at home on their blanket!

Fireworks with little kiddos.   Good idea - or really bad idea?!  

Brianne watched them for a while - but then fell asleep mid-show and snuggled in with Grandma Suzie.  Bryce had WIDE eyes in awe for the first few - but then decided that fireworks were awful/scary/not good/dreadful - so there were tears.  Cheerios made fireworks tolerable for him...but fireworks certainly did not make Bryce's list of favorite activities.

Fourth of July was a nice relaxing day.  We hung out around the house and then went for BBQ at our friend's house.


Shopping trip to Sam's Club - love the shopping cart full of kiddos!

Ranger's Baseball Game

We ventured out to the Ranger's ballpark on Saturday night.  Our tickets were sponsored by a group from Pi Kappa Phi.  A group of guys are biking across the United States to raise money for special needs.  A big THANK YOU to them for the tickets, and for embarking on such a great journey! 

It's important to stay hydrated! 
Ballpark with Grandma!

B enjoying her first Rangers game!
Josh Hamilton - right before he hits a home run. :)

Daddy and Bryce enjoying the game

Bryce is ONE!

Unbelievable that my little guy is already ONE.  It has flown by way too fast.  He is such an amazing kiddo and I just love watching him learn new things.  He's walking around - still falls a lot - but he brushes it off, gets up and is off again.  How I love that little guy!!

We did a b-day dinner out - and the 'piece' of chocolate cake we ordered was more like an entire cake - good practice for Bryce's birthday smash cake!

Brianne was happy to help show brother how to eat the cake!

Gift Opening

Love that Auntie Michelle sends big boxes of goodies.  Of course the box is the most exciting thing for the kids.  Although Cookie Monster is becoming a new favorite toy now that the box has fallen apart!

This kept them entertained for an hour.  We also did rides around the living room in the box - they both fit in there and it was hysterical.  Great exercise pushing those two around! :)

Birthday Party!

Sunday we had Bryce's party at the house - and it was so much fun!  Blog update to follow shortly with an overview of all the MONSTER fun we had - but here's a few sneak peak pics to hold you over until I get it all updated.   Enjoy!


  1. What a great week! Can't wait to see all of the monster fun :)

  2. We miss you all! So sorry we were out of town for Bryce's big monster bday party. Can we celebrate un-birthdays soon?!