Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mommy and Son Time

1-on-1 Time 

Brianne and daddy shipped off to Canada on Friday morning, and Bryce and I don't head out until tomorrow night - so that has left some quality time for me to spend with my little guy.

Of course - I'm missing this little girl like CRAZY.
4:30am departure - little girl woke up and smiled - she was ready for her big adventure!

Thankfully I've been able to Skype with her every day and know she is being spoiled rotten and thoroughly loved on and tended to by all of the family up there.  

That being said - it has been so wonderful to have 4 days of Mommy-and-Bryce time.
He was my little helper when we went shopping.

Then we got him a much needed hair cut....followed by lunch at Chic-Fil-A (which is my FAVORITE place to go with the kids!)

We really missed Brianne and Daddy on Saturday night.  It was the annual Down Syndrome Partnership Swim Party - but Bryce and I went and had a great time.  Crazy to think that last year Bryce had been just 9 days old when we ventured out for our first "family of four" adventure!

This stuff is amazing!!!!  Yum!

Hey Mom - these little pea size bites that you are breaking off aren't cutting it for me.....

It was great to get out and see so many families having a wonderful time.  Love that we get to partake in this event.  Truly am thankful for all the goodness that extra chromosome has brought to our lives!  Love you B - and next year you'll be running around at this pool party!!!!

Wagon Rides

The wagon sure is lighter with just one kiddo!  Enjoyed our nightly walks around the neighborhood.

Our bags our packed - and tomorrow night Bryce and I head up to Canada!  A wedding and a pig roast are in our future - crazy good times await!   I am sooooo looking forward to the quality time with family and friends!  


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  1. I LOVE Bryce's new hair cut and can't wait to see you!!!