Monday, September 3, 2012

Three Day Weekend

We stopped by the park this afternoon....and we were sad to see that the Splash Pad is already turned off (details that it's still 100 degrees out and we could put it to good use for another few months!)....but the kiddos didn't seem to mind some time in the swings.

This was Mark's idea........ :)

Weekend Happenings

Saturday we headed to a friend's house for a pool party.  The kiddos enjoyed splashing in the pool (so did we!) - and Mark played some pool v-ball.  It was a great time relaxing with fun people and chowing down on some good grub.

We spent a nice chunk of the weekend just loungin' around the house - and chasing two little energetic toddlers around the house.

It was a bit like Christmas around here since friends gave us lots of hand-me-down toys.  Caden was nice enough to donate the classic popcorn popper toy and a push lawnmower, and Dylan donated a box full of goodies.

Bryce couldn't decide which one to play with he toted them both around :)

Practicing for when he can really mow the grass

 Best Friends...Sometimes :)

 Sometimes they are the best of pals.....and sometimes there is a little bit of screaming and crying when sharing of toys is an issue......and sometimes there is wrestling....

Arts and Crafts

The kids have been little painters lately.  Painting sessions are strategically planned to take place right before bath time.  Thinking I should invest in some paint brushes for the kids...but finger painting is our art of choice currently.

I try to encourage some coloring....but that becomes more of a battle to keep the kids from eating the crayons....but at least the label clearly says they are non-toxic....but hoping they will soon decide that drawing with the crayons is better than eating the crayons....

Football Season = 10% of Groceries at Albertsons!

Wear your Cowboys jersey on cowboys game days and get 10% off your groceries.  Love this deal!  Bryce was my little helper last week and helped me stock up on essentials and other treats and goodies.

Kinderfrogs Pep Rally

The TCU mascot is the Horned Frog.  Super Frog made a stop by Brianne's school last week.  She preferred to watch him from afar, but she did seem entertained by him and did the sign for "frog" - so I think she enjoyed it.

Can't believe that we are already to SEPTEMBER!  Time is flying by.   I'm trying to work on Bryce's 1-year photo book and looking over his baby pictures is so overwhelming..can't believe how little he was....and how fast the kids are growing up!

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