Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Happenings

Kinderfrogs LEAP Dinner 

Mark and I got out for an amazing date night.  It was a fundraising dinner for Kinderfrogs - and it was held at the newly remodeled TCU football stadium!   Delicious dinner, fancy venue, and great  people that were generously donating money that will go towards scholarships for families so they can afford the Kinderfrog's tuition!  A huge THANK YOU to all the people who put this event together and to all those who so kindly donated money for this great school!  We are so lucky that our little Brianne is a Kinderfrog!


Mom's night out to Grapefest = good times!  We participated in the People's Choice wine tasting; we did our best to sample the 146 different wines....but we didn't quite get to all of them!

Zoo Happenings

Have I mentioned that I love our zoo membership?  I'm thrilled that some of our friends are new zoo that means we will be making even more trips to see the animals!

Brianne signing "Bird"
Choo Choo Train Ride!

Hey mom - check out the penguins!

Aunt Amy would be proud - Bryce loved the penguins....and cried when we left them!

Our friend feeding the birds.  Feeding the birds is serious business. :)
Big sis sharing with little bro - LOVE
Additional Cuteness

Spaghetti night = bath night.  

 You turn around for a minute, and this is what happens....
 Thankfully we have a good clean-up crew!



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  1. Wow, Wow, Wow! The Kinderfrogs event looks like it was a huge success. And love the clean-up crew! I haven't picked up food off the floor since we got B :)